80 Years Of Hammer: The Men Of Sherwood Forest (1954)

The Men Of Sherwood Forest

80 Years Of Hammer continues with Jonathon Dabell looking at The Men Of Sherwood Forest starring Don Taylor and Eileen Moore. Chiefly associated with their horror output (even in their newly resurrected guise they seem to be focusing solely on horror movies) it’s easy to forget that Hammer ventured into many other genres down the years. In fact, they’d existed for more than... Read More

Shootin’ Westerns: Rio Conchos (1964)

Rio Conchos

Shootin’ Westerns continues with Leon Nicholson looking at Rio Conchos starring Richard Boone and Stuart Whitman. Many people may not know much about director Gordon Douglas but they will certainly know about his films. Over the course of his career which spanned near five decades, he helmed a range of movies of different genres. These included pictures such as the classic B-movie... Read More

80 Years Of Hammer: Hands Of The Ripper (1971)

Hands Of The Ripper

80 Years Of Hammer continues with Dawn Dabell looking at Hands Of The Ripper starring Angharad Rees, Dora Bryan and Eric Porter. The year 1971 has cropped up several times already in this feature, with pieces on the not-so-great Lust For A Vampire and the fantastic Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde. Here, we take a look at another title from this busy year for the studio, Hands Of The Ripper... Read More

80 Years Of Hammer: The Camp On Blood Island (1958)


80 Years Of Hammer shifts its focus from their famous filmography of horror – gothic horror in particular – and turns its attention to the war genre. This week’s selection sees Tim Wickens looking at The Camp On Blood Island (1958) starring Andre Morell and Carl Möhner. Long before Full Metal Jacket (1987) tried to pass the English Broads off as Vietnam; a year after... Read More

Shootin’ Westerns: The Professionals (1966)

the prof

Shootin’ Westerns continues with Jonathon Dabell looking at The Professionals starring Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, Jack Palance and Woody Strode. After the lukewarm reception of his epic attempt to film Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim the previous year, director Richard Brooks returned to a more rugged and muscular style of movie in 1966 with The Professionals. Adapted from Frank O’Rourke’s... Read More

This Is Not A Woman’s Picture: Exposé (1976)


This Is Not a Woman’s Picture continues with Dawn Dabell looking at Exposé starring Linda Hayden and Udo Kier. Our latest offering comes in the shape of British exploitation film Exposé (1976), aka The House On Straw Hill, aka Trauma. It stars Linda Hayden and Udo Kier, and features a supporting role for the era’s most popular British sex symbol Fiona Richmond.  Richmond’s... Read More

Gather Round The Tele: The Goonies (1985)

The Goonies Ship

Gather Round The Tele continues with Tim Wickens reviewing popular family movie The Goonies starring Corey Feldman, Sean Astin and Josh Brolin. Oh those 1980s – a time of fun upbeat music and movies. Let’s face it, the 80s was an improvement to the downer of the 70’s. Steven Spielberg, who came up with the story for The Goonies in addition to producing it, was still riding... Read More

80 Years Of Hammer: Dr Jekyll And Sister Hyde (1971)

Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde

80 Years Of Hammer continues with Jonathon Dabell looking at Dr Jekyll And Sister Hyde starring Ralph Bates and Martine Beswick. For many years Hammer films were made at Bray Studios, but in the late ’60s they stopped using the somewhat cramped facilities at Bray and shot most of their subsequent films at Elstree. There is a theory among purists that the films made during... Read More

Opinion: Why Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice May Turn Out To Be A Crock of S***!

Batman v Superman

Leon Nicholson gives his thoughts on why he thinks Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may not work. Firstly, I need to admit that I’ve never been to Comic-Con. After attending Cannes this year and preparing for a new arrival in my life (as well as other factors) Comic-Con was never going to be a realistic option. My next disclaimer - I am a movie lover. Film is a major part of... Read More

Opinion: All The Right Sporting Moves

Leon Nicholson takes a tongue-in-cheek look at probable future (fictional) biopic projects about successful sporting legends. N.B. All projects mentioned below are totally made up with no basis or foundation in reality. Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor powered his way to yet another World Matchplay title (his 15th in fact) clearly marking him as the greatest of all time in his field.... Read More