Silver Screams III: Twisted Nerve (1968)

Twisted Nerve

Silver Screams III continues with Dawn Dabell looking at Twisted Nerve starring Hywel Bennett and Hayley Mills. The Boulting Brothers’ Twisted Nerve (1968) is a psychological horror film with very little actual gore on screen. It does, however, manage to keep you gripped throughout, encouraging you to watch on to see if, how and when the next murder will take place. Hywel Bennett... Read More

80 Years Of Hammer: The Lady Vanishes (1979)

The Lady Vanishes

80 Years Of Hammer continues with Jonathon Dabell looking at The Lady Vanishes starring Elliot Gould and Cybill Shepherd. If asked to name the final film made by Hammer in the original incarnation of the company  – they have, of course, re-emerged, phoenix-like, from the ashes in recent times after a 29 year hiatus – many people would confidently state the honour belongs... Read More

Silver Screams III: 1920


Silver Screams III continues with Leon Nicholson looking at 1920 starring Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma. Back in 2007, the International Indian Film Academy Awards (Bollywood’s answer to the Oscars), was held in Yorkshire. Off the back of this, Screen Yorkshire helped to find various locations in the region for Indian Horror movie 1920 directed by Vikram Bhatt. Indian supernatural... Read More

Silver Screams III: Wake Wood


Silver Screams III continues with Leon Nicholson looking at Wake Wood starring Aidan Gillen, Eva Birthistle and Timothy Spall. Wake Wood is the second movie from the Hammer Studios revival. The question is does it capture the spirit of ‘classic Hammer’ or has it updated it and brought it into the 21st century? Vet Patrick Daley (Aidan Gillen) and his pharmacist wife Louise... Read More

Silver Screams III: Damien: Omen II (1978)

Omen II

Silver Screams III continues with Jonathon Dabell looking at Damien: Omen II starring William Holden and Jonathan Scott-Taylor. Too often, a big and successful horror movie is followed by a sequel which doesn’t do its illustrious predecessor any favours at all. Take The Exorcist and Exorcist II: The Heretic, for example – stunning original, hopelessly muddled sequel.... Read More

Silver Screams III: Escape From Tomorrow

Escape From Tomorrow

Silver Screams III continues with Leon Nicholson looking at Escape From Tomorrow starring Roy Abramsohn and Elena Schuber. Has one ever watched a film that have left the viewer(s) wondering what was happening on screen? Did flicks, for example, such as Kill List, The Strange Colour Of Your Body’s Tears and Audition leave one with a giant question mark hovering over the head?... Read More

Silver Screams III: Blooded


Silver Screams III continues with Leon Nicholson looking at Blooded starring Nick Ashdon and Oliver Boot. Blooded is one of those movies that could easily be classed as an underrated gem. It received its World Premier at Bradford International Film Festival in 2011 and later a limited theatrical release.  So what makes this movie such a gem? Well, it is plain to see that the... Read More

Feature: An Interview With Shane Briant

shane briant

Shane Briant made four Hammer films during the 1970s, and would no doubt have made more had the company’s fortunes allowed them to continue releasing films. His characters often veer towards the darker, more emotionally damaged types – a rare example of a classically good-looking young man playing villains and knaves rather than the expected hero-figure. Dawn Dabell interviews... Read More

Silver Screams III: Bad Biology (2008)

Bad Biology

Silver Screams III continues with Leon Nicholson looking at Bad Biology starring Charlee Danielson and Anthony Sneed. Frank Henenlotter does not make movies for the mainstream. His films are the type that Average Jane and Average Joe would either hate viewing or not even consider watching. It is a case of suspending one’s beliefs and going with it. The same applies for Bad Biology... Read More

80 Years Of Hammer: The Vengeance Of She (1968)

Vengeance of She1

80 Years Of Hammer continues wuth Dawn Dabell looking at The Vengeance Of She starring John Richardsson and Olinka Berova. Hammer often tried their hand at different genres in order to keep things fresh. The 60’s and early 70’s saw them tackle a number of fantasy and historical films which were set in lost civilisations or times long forgotten. She (1965), One Million Years... Read More