Tune In: The Psychedelic Film Experience – Zabriskie Point (1970)

zabriskie point

Tune In: The Psychedelic Film Experience witnesses Tim Wickens getting lost in the desert of Zabriskie Point (1970) starring Mark Frechette, Daria Halprin with Rod Taylor and directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. Let us begin with the interesting story of Mark Frechette and Daria Halprin. Antonioni toured the United States to find his stars for this film. In Boston Massachusetts,... Read More

Race Relations: Red Corner (1997)

Red Corner

Race Relations continues with Dawn Dabell looking at Red Corner starring Richard Gere and Bai Ling. For this instalment of Race Relations, I take a look at a story of injustice within China’s legal system. A foreigner –  a white man – arrested for a crime he says he didn’t commit during a business trip to China… faced with a trial in an unfamiliar system and... Read More

Race Relations: The Lost Man (1969)

The Lost man 1

Race Relations continues with Jonathon Dabell looking at The Lost Man starring Sidney Poitier and Al Freeman Jr. Back in 1947, a rather wonderful film was made by director Carol Reed called Odd Man Out. In it, James Mason starred as Johnny McQueen, the leader of some Irish freedom fighters, involved in a robbery designed to steal more funds for his organisation. After being injured... Read More

Tune In: The Psychedelic Experience: How I Won the War (1967)


Tune In: The Psychedelic Experience continues with Brian Gregory looking at How I Won The War starring Michael Crawford and John Lennon. How I Won The War is mostly remembered for being the film that John Lennon briefly starred in, as Musketeer Gripweed, while he was writing Strawberry Fields Forever, just before Sergeant Pepper was recorded (The Pepper song A Day In The Life references... Read More

Race Relations: Ae Fond Kiss (2004)

Ae Fond Kiss1

The Race Relation feature continues with Dawn Dabell looking Ae Fond Kiss starring Atta Yaqub and Eva Birthistle. Ae Fond Kiss (2004) is an interesting film as it not only looks at the effects of two different races coming together, it also explores the effects different religious backgrounds can have on a couple’s relationship. The film tackles a number of cultural issues including... Read More

Silver Screams IV: Trog (1970)


Silver Screams IV concludes with Dawn Dabell looking at Trog starring Joan Crawford and Joe Cornellius. Actress Joan Crawford had starred in some marvellous films in the 20th century: Mildred Pierce (1945), Sudden Fear (1952) and What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962) among countless others. As the years passed by, leading roles became scarcer for her as the roles she once lapped... Read More

Silver Screams IV: Afterimages (2014)


Silver Screams IV continues with Leon Nicholson looking at Afterimages starring Sheena Chan, Daniel Jenkins and Mike Kasem. It would be safe to say that not many people may have heard of Afterimages. It would be also safe to say that not many people have heard of Singapore based –American director Tony Kern. Will Afterimages be the movie that will make him more of a household... Read More

Silver Screams IV: Of Unknown Origin (1983)


Silver Screams IV continues with Jonathon Dabell looking at Of Unknown Origin starring Peter Weller and Shannon Tweed. Virtually every animal in existence has been gven a cinematic rampage against mankind over the years. Sharks, bees, dogs, cats, whales, frogs, heck even rabbits (Night Of The Lepus, anyone?) Rats too have had their moment in the limelight in the nature-strikes-back... Read More

Silver Screams IV: Retreat


Silver Screams IV continues with Leon Nicholson looking at Retreat starring Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell. Moving away from the found footage sub-genre (thankfully), Retreat takes Silver Screams to an alternative take on the House Invasion sub-genre. Starring Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell does Retreat offer something new to Brit Horror? Martin (Cillian... Read More

Silver Screams IV: The Atticus Institute

The atticus Institute

Silver Screams IV continues with Leon Nicholson looking at The Atticus Institute starring William Mapother, Rya Kihlstedt and John Rubinstein. Another Silver Scream review and guess what? – it’s another found footage movie (yes, I’m probably a glutton for punishment). The Atticus Institute however is one with a difference but the question is will it bring something new to... Read More