80 Years Of Hammer: Stolen Face (1952)

stolen face

80 Years of Hammer continues with Dawn Dabell looking at Stolen Face starring Lisbeth Scott and Paul Henreid. Once again Hammer and American distributor Lippert Pictures come together to create a film which has marketing appeal in both the UK and across the seas in the US by including some American talent on the cast list. In this case, Lisbeth Scott plays the leading lady (or more... Read More

12 Days Of Christmas: The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)


On The Seventh Day of Christmas FMV (via Jonathon Dabell) gave to us The Muppet Christmas Carol starring Michael Caine, Gonzo and Kermit The Frog. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been adapted for the screen more times than most books. When one hears that it is getting yet another rejig, one’s first reaction is to roll one’s eyes and mumble something to the... Read More

12 Days Of Christmas: Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard

On the sixth day of Christmas FMV (via Dawn Dabell) gave to us: Die Hard starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman. So far this feature has thrown up a spy film, a couple of kids films, a comedy and a romance… now it’s time to add more action to the mix with one of the most famous (and, in my opinion, one of the best) action films from the eighties. Die Hard is based on the 1979... Read More

12 Days Of Christmas: How The Grinch Stole Christmas (aka The Grinch) (2000)

how the grinch

On the fifth day of Christmas, FMV (via Jonathon Dabell) gave to us How The Grinch Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey and Bill Irwin. In the UK, arguably the most well-known Dr. Seuss book is The Cat In The Hat (filmed in 2003 with Mike Myers), but in America the award for best-loved and most widely read Dr. Seuss story would probably go to How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Here,... Read More

12 Days Of Christmas – Love Actually (2003)


On the fourth day of Christmas FMV gave to us (via Dawn Dabell) Love Actually (2003) starring Hugh Grant and Bill Nighy. Richard Curtis is rather a Jack of all trades, having worked on numerous successful British comedies and romances during the 90’s and noughties, sometimes as writer, sometimes executive producer and sometimes even director. These films often featured some of... Read More

12 Days Of Christmas: The Snowman (1982)

The Snowman

On the third day of Christmas, FMV (via Jonathon Dabell) gave to us: The Snowman directed by Dianne Jackson. Based on a wordless picture book by Raymond Briggs (of Fungus The Bogeyman fame), The Snowman is a charming and enchanting short animated film. It exists with three alternative openings – one has the author Briggs providing a voiceover in which he talks about a particularly... Read More

12 Days Of Christmas: Trading Places (1983)

Trading Places

On the second day of Christmas, FMV (via Dawn Dabell) gave to us: Trading Places (1983) starring Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Lee Curtis. At first glance, you may wonder why this film about comical skulduggery in the world of big corporate business is included in our Twelve Days Of Christmas feature. As it is set during the run up to the festive period – with plenty... Read More

12 Days Of Christmas: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)


The 12 Days Of A Christmas is a new seasonal feature. During the run-up to Christmas Day, we will look at a film a day with a Christmas connection – this may be a full-on Christmas movie or something slightly more offbeat, such as a horror film set at Christmas time or even a James Bond adventure set over the festive season! Let us tarry no more and see what FMV has to offer for... Read More

80 Years Of Hammer: Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb (1971)


80 Years of Hammer continues with Tim Wickens spending time with Valerie Leon in Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb (1971) directed by Seth Holt starring Andrew Keir, James Villiers and George Coulouris. Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb was a film that I had only read about and seen stills from. It is easy to forget how difficult it was to find a film years ago pre Internet days. After... Read More

Film Review: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies


Leon Nicholson takes a look at The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies – the final instalment of The Hobbit Trilogy – starring Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Richard Armitage. Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy was quite simply a fantastic feat in filmmaking. He took a beloved series of books and adapted them into wonderful movies with superb performances... Read More