Game Review: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Dan D’Arpe delves into the archives, looks into the history and delivers his verdict on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. If you had never heard of Vampire: The Masquerade -Bloodlines, no one can hardly blame you. The game, a mature action role player developed by Troika Games and released by Activision back in 2004, was the literal definition of “disaster” the... Read More

Gaming: Awesome Games Based on Film and Television Shows

For a really long time, games based on other entertainment releases simply weren’t very good. Poor plots, annoyingly characters, bad gameplay; so many titles were being created simply to cash in on the hype surrounding the film or television release itself. There was even the famed occasion when – perhaps the worst game ever made – an E.T game pretty much single-handedly... Read More

Gaming: Top 5 Apps To Play On The Move.

Top 5 apps to play on the move The gaming industry continues to thrive in the 21st Century as millions of people across the world remain engrossed by a plethora of titles which make console gaming so enjoyable. Next generation consoles has taken gaming to a new level, with high definition graphics, innovative cinematography and the latest animation capturing technology representing... Read More

Celeb Endorsements – Gaming Edition

Verne Troyer is probably best-known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, but the diminutive screen star had been in movies long before then. Troyer started out as a Hollywood stuntman and worked in movies like Dunston Checks In, Jingle All The Way and Baby’s Day Out. His first acting role was in Pinnochio’s Revenge, a horror movie released in... Read More

Feature: Next Gen Games

It has not been long since the E3 convention. The world’s largest gaming convention, as always, has set pulses racing in the gaming world especially as it gave us a further insight to the true might of the next generation consoles. So what games can we look forward to in the next 12 months?  The Avengers: Age of Ultron The first movie was released in 2012 but due to the closure... Read More

Mad Mack: 7 Greatest Games Of The Last Generation

Dark Souls

Looking back over the assorted glories of the decade-spanning previous generation, disgruntled gamer Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey provides a typically offbeat assessment of the very finest games to grace consoles and PC in recent years. It’s been a long time coming. But it seems that the last glimmers of twilight are finally giving way to night, drawing the curtain on... Read More

Game Review: Out There

Out There main

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on extraordinary mobile space adventure Out There, out now on Android and iOS (reviewed). Deep space exploration, an easy to learn inventory management system, and a well written text adventure all mixed together with a score-based mechanic and social media integration, are all a part of what makes this iOs/Android space odyssey game amazing... Read More

Feature: How Playing Online Games Can Help You Relax

Guest writer Debbie Fletcher looks at a few ways on how games can reduce stress levels. Some people see online games as a waste of time but in reality they can be a great part of your day. Taking the time to play a game can help you to relax and put any stresses behind you. Fun Fun games such as mecca bingo can really brighten up a dull day. Take some time to inject that little... Read More

Game Review: Fable Anniversary

Fable Anniversary 2

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on remastered RPG title Fable Anniversary, out now on Xbox 360. It’s been ten years since Fable graced the first Xbox console, with its slightly over-hyped fantasy action-RPG experience going on to spawn two sequels, a Kinect title and an Xbox Live Arcade game. While Fable II succeeded on improving on the original, the series fell apart... Read More

3 Ways Sony Can (And Should) Improve The PS4 This Year

PS4 main

Sony has had one of its best console launches with the PS4 and experienced a solid all-round start to the console’s lifecycle. But now that the dust has settled and the excitement has died down, it’s time to look to how they are going to improve the platform in the long run – and what they should reveal come this year’s E3. Backwards Compatibility One of... Read More