Ken Levine Wishes He Could “Take Back” Original BioShock Endings

BioShock Big Daddy

BioShock is often cited as one of the greatest video games of recent years – but creator Ken Levine claims he has serious regrets over the way he concluded his dystopian saga. Writing in the new February edition of GQ Magazine, the acclaimed designer mulls over the issue of moral choice in gaming by saying it works best as a natural process based on player actions, rather... Read More

Warren Spector: “It’s Increasingly Difficult To Get Excited About Mainstream Games”

Warren Spector - main

Legendary game designer Warren Spector says he’d sum-up the most recent console generation with a “yawn” – explaining that the lack of innovation in mainstream titles over the past eight years has left him decidedly cold. Speaking exclusively to FMV, with the release of the PS4 and Xbox One just around the corner, Spector offered a withering take on the... Read More

Saints Row IV Offering Million Dollar Ultimate Edition

Saints Row is known for taking things to the extreme – but now Deep Silver, the developers behind the latest incarnation of the over-the-top open world game, have come up with quite the ultimate edition of Saints Row IV. And you better have deep pockets if you want to get your hands on this package deal. Named “The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition” and priced at... Read More

Ellen Page: “Why Would You Not Want To Explore Video Games?”

Ellen Page - Beyond Two Souls

Hollywood actress Ellen Page says she was “blown away” by the modern achievements of video games while making forthcoming PS3 title Beyond: Two Souls – and claims that the potential of the medium needs to be explored more fully. The Oscar-nominated star provides the voice and motion-capture for Beyond: Two Soul’s troubled heroine, Jodie Holmes, in a story... Read More

Thief Reboot Is “More Nuanced” Than Dishonored, Says Eidos Montreal

Dishonored cover

The forthcoming reboot of seminal stealth series Thief has been widely likened to recent blockbuster hit Dishonored, with everything from its plague-ridden steampunk setting to the ability to complete the game without killing a single person inviting close comparison. But Thief’s lead level designer has said that their game will be much “more nuanced” than Dishonored. In... Read More

“Shooters Put A Lot Of Girls Off Games – But They Need To Get Over It”

Chantal Claret

Singer-songwriter and life-long video game enthusiast Chantal Claret reckons that the dominance of first-person shooters is stopping more women from taking up gaming as a pastime.  The former Morningwood frontwoman, who wants to see the gender imbalance in gaming over-hauled, says that the fixation with FPS experiences in the mainstream is serving to keep gaming a ‘guy... Read More

Sony VP: “PlayStation 4 Will Have The Strongest Launch Line-up We’ve Ever Had”

Killzone 4

PlayStation’s vice-president of Worldwide Studios has spoken with considerable confidence about the potential strength of the PS4’s range of games at launch – claiming that it will be Sony’s greatest-ever line-up. In an interview with CVG, Michael Denny said: “With PlayStation 4 what’s exciting is we can see the strength in depth of titles come... Read More

Renaissance Heroes: Welcome To First-Person Shooting In The 16th Century

Renaissance Heroes

If you’re after an online shooter with a bit of a difference, then a newly-released multiplayer FPS by the name of Renaissance Heroes should be right up your street. The colourful, lightening-paced free-to-play combat game just might be the first 16th century shooter ever. Adopting a distinctive Renaissance-era backdrop (hence the name), players step into the shoes of one... Read More

Industry Analyst Says Sony Will Sell Less PlayStation 4s Than They Have PS3s

PS4 Announcement

Yesterday’s PlayStation 4 announcement event has inevitably sent the web ablaze with activity, as gamers and journalists alike scramble to pour over all the juicy details – discussing what has so far been revealed, and speculating on what has yet to be. But despite all the tangible excitement, and welcome news including confirmation that the console will not block pre-owned... Read More

Dara O’Briain On Fanboyism: “I Didn’t Know You Had To Pick A Team”

Dara O'Briain

Popular comedian and video game enthusiast Dara O’Briain has offered a humourous take on the issue of console fanboys. During the course of a rather abstract and surreal interview with Eurogamer, held to preview his hosting of the video game BAFTA Awards in March, the successful stand-up and presenter professed bemusement at the whole PlayStation vs Xbox phenomenon. “I... Read More