Game News: New Devil May Cry Is “Less Campy – More Darker”, Says Capcom Producer

Capcom’s US producer Alex Jones has claimed that the forthcoming Devil May Cry reboot is less cheesy and more grown-up than the original series.

In an interview with VG247, in which he discussed various issues surrounding the title’s development and change in direction, he spoke of the desire to make the experience grittier in tone.

“One of the things about making a western game, we wanted to make the tone a little less campy, and a little more darker,” he said. “It’s still got a sense of humour, but it’s just more appropriate in the world Dante is now in, where’s it’s less acceptable to make corny jokes and better to make darker ones.

“But he’s still irreverent, he’s still – at the end of the day – the guy who will kick your ass and drop a cool one liner afterwards.”

In the same article, Jones joked about “fearing for his life” after initial fan backlash to the controversial re-design of the Dante character.

2 Responses to “Game News: New Devil May Cry Is “Less Campy – More Darker”, Says Capcom Producer”
  1. tanto says:

    still shit

  2. GIL says:

    THANK GOD. i hated dante in dmc2 and 3. just really hard to watch and like. he was good in the first, but lost it in 2 and 3. nero was even worse. as an adult gamer im very happy ninja theory stepped in and took it over. dmc 2-4 were immature, corny and just really for kids when it came to dialogue and acting.

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