Game News: Second Skyrim Expansion ‘Hearthfire’ Announced

A new piece of DLC for Skyrim, entitled ‘Hearthfire’, will be released next week. But this second add-on for Bethesda’s smash-hit RPG is not what you might expect.

Available on Xbox Live from September 4th, Hearthfire will cost just 400 Microsoft Points and allows players to design, build and maintain their own home in the world of Skyrim – creating anything from a small cottage to a colossal mansion complete with enchanting towers, trophy rooms and sprawling grounds.

Players will even be able to create and raise their own family by adopting in-game children.

A release on other platforms has not yet been confirmed, but considering the fact that PS3 gamers are still waiting on a release of the first expansion, Dawnguard, the wait could be significant.

Here is Bethesda’s full announcement trailer, with an overview of the add-on’s features:



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