Game News – Dead Space 3 Producer: “It’s Ok That People Don’t Understand”

Responding to a question about fan concerns surrounding upcoming action-horror sequel Dead Space 3, the game’s Associate Producer has suggested that many people “don’t understand” what the development team is trying to achieve. 

In an interview with Ausgamers, now transcribed online in full, Yara Khoury suggested that those who worry that the game has become an all-out third person shooter should give the team more time to convey their aims.

“It’s important that our fans understand what the game is about,” said the producer, “and our first move was to show that we were able to innovate: to bring new features; new things about Dead Space. Because we really wanted to bring new gameplay, environment diversity, and I think we really are succeeding in that.

“So it’s probably ok that people don’t understand, because we’re confident we can deliver what our game is about. And I think that’s what we’re doing right now; that’s what we’ve been doing the past couple of months, and I think this is really what the GamesCom demo is about: it’s about showing that we do have the single-player, true Dead Space experience, and that our fans absolutely not worry about Dead Space being a completely different game.”

Many fans of the Dead Space series have previously expressed their concern over controversial gameplay changes – such as the introduction of combat rolls, cover-based shooting and human enemies.

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