Game News – Tim Schafer: “Free-To-Play Is A Great Opportunity”

Legendary game designer Tim Schafer believes that free-to-play gaming offers “a great opportunity” for developers – with the Double Fine big-wig explaining that it allows the team to alter and improve their creation over time, and forge a stronger ongoing relationship with fans.

“I think there’s a lot of potential in allowing us to release a game that we can stay with and keep making improvements for,” he told Eurogamer, in an interview now online.

“We’re used to just polishing a game then crossing our fingers and shipping it and going ‘I hope I got it right! I hope I got it right!’ But with free-to-play, we can make it as good as we can, then see what the fan reactions is to it and see what people are responding to most and improve on that.”

Schafer went on to say that he wished he’d had the opportunity to do exactly this with previous title Brutal Legend.

“I really wish we could have had an ongoing relationship with the fans. Making more content, or playing the multiplayer game and hearing what people liked or didn’t like. I’ve never been able to do that, so a free-to-play game is a great opportunity.”

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