Gaming News: Portal 2’s Wheatley To Retire?

In an exclusive interview with FMV editor Mark Butler, comedian Stephen Merchant has revealed that although he had an absolute blast voicing Wheatley for Valve’s smash-hit comedy-puzzler Portal 2, he found the experience so exhausting he’s not sure whether he could bring himself to repeat it again.

“It seemed like a fun thing to do, but in actual fact it was one of the most tiring things I’ve ever done,” he explained. “I was standing in a recording booth shouting down imaginary corridors and falling out of make-believe ceilings. For hours at a time.

“And I really wanted to do a good job so I was shouting and screaming and leaping about. The thought of doing it again seems so daunting I’m not sure I can face it.”

Given how terrific Merchant’s performance was, it would be a shame to think he might not return for a sequel – or other video game acting roles generally. However, considering the performer’s assertion that he was “thrilled people have enjoyed the game so much”, and the fact that he took on the job because he was an avid gamer for much of his twenties, let’s hope he may reconsider that position if another opportunity should come a-calling.

The full interview with Stephen Merchant will be published later this week. 

6 Responses to “Gaming News: Portal 2’s Wheatley To Retire?”
  1. JoeyG says:

    Meanwhile people have jobs which actually require extreme physical exertion for a fraction of the pay, and won’t whine about it nearly as much as Merchant does.

    • Mark Butler says:

      In all fairness to Mr Merchant, I get the sense he simply threw himself into the role, gave it his all and rather wore himself out in thr process. It was a great voice acting performance too.

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