Game News: Borderlands Is “Like A Deep, Juicy Steak,” Says Dev

With the release of hotly-anticipated FPS-sandbox sequel Borderlands 2 just around the corner, lead designer John Hemingway has used a rather interesting analogy to explain the series’ astronomical success thus far.

“I like to think of it as a steak,” Hemingway told Eurogamer, in an extensive preview and feature now over at their site. “This is a game that’s really a steak. It’s deep, it’s juicy, it’s good. And tomorrow, I would love to have another steak.

“Some games aren’t like that. They’re much more like candy or cake. Oh, I’ll eat cake, and now I’m sick of cake, I don’t want it any more. I’m done. Borderlands is such a good game that it doesn’t do that. It’s got some magic there.”

Borderlands was a huge commercial and critical hit following its release in 2009, and the second title – released for Xbox360, PS3 and PC next week – is already 2K’s most pre-ordered game of all time.

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