Cliff Bleszinski: “Hideo Kojima Favours Bloody Marys – I Go For Vodka Soda”

When the lancer-wielding king of Triple-A, Western action games and the idolised Godfather of the Metal Gear Solid series go for a drink, who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall? And now Epic Games boss Cliff Bleszinski has revealed just what it’s like when he and Hideo Kojima hit the bar. 

In an entertaining and informative Ask Me Anything session over at Reddit this weekend, Bleszinski said: “It’s kind of surreal, actually. I usually wind up getting somewhat sloshed and wind up telling him and his guys how everything that influenced me growing up came from Japan (Nintendo, Shogun Warriors, Star Blazers, Transformers, Godzilla, etc…). He seems to favor bloody marys, whereas I go for vodka soda.

“At PAX there was a 25th anniversary party for Metal Gear and I somehow wound up being recruited to give a toast to Kojima. I was shaking afterwards. I remember seeing the first ads for “Ultra’s” Metal Gear in the Nintendo Fun club and here I am, toasting Kojima at one of his career milestones. It was humbling and amazing.”

In the rest of the AMA, Bleszinski also revealed that he’d love to turn the Big Lebowski and Firefly into games, that the troubled online launch of Gears 2 was his greatest gaming regret to date, and how he’d love to do an Unreal reboot which includes the exploration elements of Skyrim.

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