Game News: Blogger Boycotting Borderlands 2 – Because Gearbox “Is A Mysogynistic Company”

With the highly-anticipated Borderlands 2 finally hitting shelves, today is an exciting day for many gamers. But not for online writer Abdul Siddiqui.

In a new article over at the Policymic website, the video-game enthusiast and aspiring novelist claims that he is boycotting all Gearbox games, as he believes the developer to be “a misogynistic company making misogynistic products”.

“As a game that has been well received by critics, I should be giddy with joy that I may soon get to play [Borderlands 2],” he writes. “However, the game is developed by Gearbox Software, makers of Duke Nukem Forever, and as a protest to what I perceive to be a misogynistic company making misogynistic products, I have boycotted all Gearbox Software games.”

Siddiqui goes on to criticise Duke Nukem Forever’s depiction of women in detail – with a focus on now-notorious level ‘The Hive’ – and compares it negatively to that of the Tomb Raider series.

“Misogyny arises not out of what developers show but often what they leave out,” he continues. “Take, for example, Lara Croft. As the protagonist of the Tomb Raider series, the iconic character is always shown to be wearing revealing clothing. However, even though she is shown as an attractive woman, the developers always dress her with more class and contextual propriety than any of the women in Duke Nukem’s world and she has nothing left out to keep her from being a complete character; she has a personality, a goal, the ability to act, and intelligence. In Duke Nukem Forever, none of those traits are ever given to the women.”

Duke Nukem Forever’s perceived sexism and tastelessness was heavily-criticised by many critics and gamers at launch, but boycotting all Gearbox games will no-doubt seem a drastic step to most.

Borderlands 2, which is out today in the US and later this week in Europe, has already reached more than 1.25 million pre-orders – and has received widespread critical acclaim from across the journalistic spectrum.

5 Responses to “Game News: Blogger Boycotting Borderlands 2 – Because Gearbox “Is A Mysogynistic Company””
  1. Patrick Willis says:

    Gearbox makes no such claims in their games since the storyline and characters are works of fiction. Do you know what fiction is? Not real. misogynistic is just an excuse by this retard to use a big word and sound important for 5 seconds of his miserable life. I commend Gearbox for caring about their fans by making such a quality game they are delivering on promises they have made unlike Blizzard and their crappy Diablo 3. It is true that Duke Nukem was a mistake to revive it to create Forever in the franchise, but as a gaming consumer if you know what a series is all about and don’t agree with it then don’t play it, plain and simple. You only invite the inevitable upon yourself by following through with such actions which is frustration and anger. It is hardly fair to attack a perfectly fine game like borderlands and it’s sequel right before the big launch because of other titles which may be tasteless. To the author of this article, please leave Borderlands alone and in the future shut the hell up and don’t play those offensive games you don’t like because I am sure there are other people out there who are going to get tired of your complaining.

  2. DarthDiggler says:

    You didn’t have to give the idiot any more coverage.

  3. Emily says:

    I agree… I’m distancing myself from their games as well…

  4. Eva says:

    What the hell? first off that is how duke nukem is, whatever to that franchise, and borderlands franchise is just fine thank you (i am a lilith player from the 1st one and im QUITE happy being her with how she is, a crazy fiery lunatic with a passion for burning melting and shocking us all)

  5. Mark Butler says:

    Here’s my take.

    While there can be little doubt that parts of Duke Nukem Forever were extremely tasteless and probably sexist – and not in a way that was particularly funny or ironic – I think it is pretty extreme to label Gearbox a “mysogynistic company”, and boycott all of their games. Particularly given that they took over the development of DNF very late in the day, and had relatively little input into its actual content.

    To suggest that the company as a whole actively hates women is a rather ugly accusation, and one that is certainly hard to back up credibly.

    DNF was – for the most part – puerile crap. Most people agree so. But the first Borderlands was tremendous, the second sounds even more so, and I think Mr Siddiqui will probably regret missing out on what is most likely one of the games of the year. Speaking for myself, I know I simply cannot wait to play the absolute shit out of the thing.

    That said, if Siddiqui really does dislike the content of DNF so much that he has decided to avoid all of Gearbox’s games in future, I at least have to give him some grudging credit for sticking to his principles – even if I may completely disagree with his viewpoint and stance.

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