Game News: “Wii U Has Less CPU Power – And It’s A Challenge”

Dynasty Warriors chief Akihiro Suzuki has confirmed claims that the Wii U has lower CPU power than the PS3 and Xbox360, and admitted that this poses a real challenge for developers.

“One of the weaknesses of the Wii U compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 is the CPU power is a little bit less,” he said, in an interview with Eurogamer. “So for games in the Warriors series when you have a lot of enemies coming at you at once, the performance tends to be affected because of the CPU.

“Dealing with that is a challenge.”

However, the developer also went on to praise the capability of the Wii U from a visual standpoint, claiming it has a clear edge over existing consoles in that department.

“From a visual standpoint, based on the performance of the Wii U, we knew the game had the capability of having much better graphics than games on PS3 and Xbox 360,” he added. “Make no mistake, from a visual standpoint, it is able to produce better graphics.”

The full interview with Suzuki is over at the Eurogamer site now.

4 Responses to “Game News: “Wii U Has Less CPU Power – And It’s A Challenge””
  1. WiiXyu says:

    No… games of the past generation… :(

  2. wampdog29 says:

    This is something that having time with the console developing for it, devs will learn to get around this. The GPU is a GPGPU meaning it can handle general computing tasks that the CPU usually takes care of as well as physics and not simply graphics. Once devs learn how to use this, the lower CPU speed won’t matter.

  3. John says:

    Yeah, the GPGPU is a LOT more powerful making it a vastly more powerful machine in toto than the stupid PS3.
    Devs will just have to divert some of the processes to it, like they are doing now with some ports.

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