Mad Mack: 4 Terrible Things About PC Gaming

After recently swapping his trusty ol’ console for a shiny new PC, disgruntled gamer Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey rapidly found his initial, uncharacteristic  optimism replaced by more typical feelings of fury, frustration and outrage. Here, he sets out the most horrific downsides of PC gaming.

So, as you may know, I have recently joined the elite and high-brow fellowship of PC Gamers. I don’t mean that I have a PC that can play games by the way – I mean that I have a PC that was built for games, and should be more than comfortable playing them at top spec for the next few years. In theory anyway. In practice, I could be done with PC gaming for good by the time you read this article – for a number of very simple reasons.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an enthusiastic piece about the games I was looking forward to playing on my new PC. This, however, is the complete antithesis to that upbeat article – which was so bursting with promise and hope. This is the depressing Yang to the light and happy Yin I spewed all over the internets. As such, feel free to imagine me reading this to you in a voice dripping with sarcasm, scorn and pathos.

I am going to point out some cold, hard truths that the PC Fanboys out there might dislike. But fuck those guys. If you have a solution to any problem I raise here that is more complicated than ‘put disc in, automatically update via X-Box Live’ then save your breath because I could not give less of a shit. Perhaps if you can contain your throbbing rage-erections long enough to get to the end of the article, you might sympathise with me somewhat.

Down boy!

So, on with the show. The worst things about PC gaming are…


Teh HaXX0rz

I spent a good portion of my early PC gaming experience playing DayZ, which is brilliant: a gritty survival game that takes place within one of the largest game maps I have ever seen. It is bugged up the ass, but since it sits somewhere between Alpha and Beta builds, I will forgive it. What is fucking awful about it however, is the prevalence of players that use scripts to hack or break the game.

Shitfuckers like these have been documented in many PC games, but are especially prevalent in popular FPS games. They are the lowest form of gaming life – they run scripts to either give themselves a ridiculous advantage over other gamers, or to just fuck up the game for everyone, so no one can enjoy it. And it’s not like these cunts even write the scripts themselves (at least then you can give them credit for being actual programmers); rather, in a lot of cases they buy or rent third party programmes that actually run the scripts. I mean, how much of a sad fucker do you have to be to pay for a game, and then pay the same money again for programmes that just outright break the game? Battlefield 3 had a big problem with this, with a sizeable market selling scripting programmes to said sad fuckers springing up in line with its stellar popularity. But DayZ has it really bad.

What fun!

I do not know the details (feel free to enlighten me), but from what I have been told, the Arma 2 engine is not particularly difficult to hack, due in part to there being no real need for it before DayZ exploded in popularity (thus catching the eye of script-using mouth breathers). Here is a list of things that have happened to either me, or my usual partner in crime, in DayZ:

  • Killed someone only for them to almost immediately respawn fully kitted out
  • Found a hide containing two of the rarest weapons in the game that would in no way be left around (item duping is a pretty common offense)
  • Emptied a mag into someone, only for them to kill me without apparently doing anything (admittedly this could be because I am still utterly shite at this game)
  • Killed a sniper only for him to kill the entire map in some impotent, angry protest at not being allowed to cheat and ruin everyone’s fun (this happened on Play with Six DayZ UK Server 349 on Thursday 27th October. I then made it back to my corpse to retrieve kit and had the supreme pleasure of listening in on the little pube having a conversation with some mate about how he was ‘a ‘hacker’ that liked to mess around but didn’t kill people for no reason’. He also sounded 15. And a virgin).
  • Been teleported about a mile above the ground, falling to my death and losing all my kit
  • Been teleported to a central location with a load of other people only to be mowed down by some twat with a ridiculously powerful weapon

I do not, however, mind hacks that generate pimpin' rides

These (and many other) various offenses have happened numerous times in DayZ, but it is in no way the only game that suffers from abuse from teh haXX0rZ. There are scripts for sale for most games that reach a certain level of popularity – Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 etc. etc. Really I could go on at length about the mouth breathers that throw out this shit, but I am not going to. I will just have to entertain myself with Sins of a Solar Empire until the standalone DayZ comes out.

Please, can someone tell me – what the fuck do they get out of it?

***Also, as an update, to my previous article, I have since got my dick wet and killed some mo-fos. I even killed one with a hatchet! BOOM!******


You Be Missin’ Drivers, Or Some Shit

So there you are. You have got your new PC, and it is all-singing and all-dancing. You have installed a few new games, and have even played it for a while. Then you go and sit in front of the monitor and try to load up something you have already been playing.

Error message! Apparently, in the time between shutting down and starting up, your PC has managed to lose some vital game files. Or Steam has shat itself and is refusing to start up in shame/embarrassment. Or the OS has forgotten what a ‘Graphics Card’ is, and is trying to render the game using a combination of dust and imagination.

Fuck, I hate you PC

Even when you have all the hardware in place, trying to make the computer understand that shit is all plugged in and ready to go is a cross between bipartisan diplomacy, Jenga and baking a soufflé. It is seriously equal parts luck, determination and skill. Do you know how many days it took me to make Skype recognise my new headset/earphones combo? And even then, it only works when plugged into the motherboard sound slots, and not the extra, expensive sound card I shelled out for. No sir, none of this here fancy accelerated sound for Skype. Basic and flat is how Skype likes its sound, yessiree. Do you remember when you dreamt of crystal clear, resonant sounds from your games as you used Skype to communicate with your friends? Petridge Farm remembers, but my asshole sound card doesn’t.

Basically, getting everything to marry up in a PC is a nightmare of hardware settings, software versions, software settings, driver updates and blood sacrifices, just so the stupid fucking thing does not forget its raison d’être and decide that today it is going to be a tree.

“I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams” - W.B. Yeats (and my asshole PC apparently)


Where Did All The Space Go?

This is a bit of a pain in the arse more than anything else, and partially down to my own poor design choices, so it is not technically the fault of PC gaming. But this is my article so I will write about what I goddamn want.

My computer has a 120GB SSD primary drive, which boots up super fucking quick and is so fast that games have next-to-no load times. The second drive is a more standard 1TB HDD, which I primarily imagined I would use for illegally downloaded movies, music and porn. How wrong was I.

You see, I have been out of the loop on PC gaming for some time, so little did I know that 120GB (minus some 30GB for Windows) would give me enough space for about one and a half games. I got as far as downloading Starcraft, Arma 2 (plus Operation Arrowhead), Team Fortress 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire before being told to go fuck myself if I wanted to install any more games. What the hell Steam?

Artist's impression of my SSD

Basically, I wanted to then add the Total War package (£25 of Steam – bargain) plus Fall of the Samurai, which, lo and behold, put me over the size limit. I had not realised that in my absence, PC games had gone from requiring maybe one or two GB to install, to 25, 30 or (in the case of Arma and Arrowhead), 50GB. Of course I should have realised that in my absence, PC gaming went from using disks to direct download, which of course would increase the on disk size. But Jesus. 50GB? Really?

So what are my options? Can I keep some Steam games on my super fast SSD and put some of the others on the slower HDD? Is there a way I can manage my Steam Library over two hard drives? Can I compress the downloads or somehow reduce the space requirements? What’s that, Steam? I can have all my Steam games in one place or I can eat shit? Well, thank you very much. No, really, thank you.

Nice one Steam

So now I have my Steam games on the slower HDD, leaving me fucking acres of space on my SSD and giving me pleb-like loading times. Thanks Steam. Thank you very much, you utter cunt.



These articles can sometimes be put together very quickly, and be out in less than a few days. But sometimes, I will begin an article and then be distracted (by literally anything: a new game, work, social engagements, someone jingling their keys in front of me), meaning that the article will take a few weeks to finish. Which is exactly what happened in the case of this article. So, although I have a fully working PC right now, when I began this article I didn’t. In fact, what I had was a very expensive coffee table, that was shit at being a coffee table on account of the fan holes on the top, its narrow profile and wires going everywhere. Why? Well, perhaps this will enlighten you:

It's either a fucked GPU, or my PC is tripping balls

That, my friends, is the result of running a stress test on a fucked graphics card. Brand new and out of the box, my GPU worked for about a day before beginning to crash. First it was a few hours between crashes. Then it was every hour, then every 10 mins, then every few mins, then every 30seconds, essentially rendering the PC unable to play any graphically demanding games (read: all of them). I dunno, maybe my PC was giving its dream of being a tree one last big effort, but from my point of view, it became all so much expensive scrap taking up my dining table.

I should point out at this stage, that this very issue was the reason I elected to have my PC built by professionals, rather than try it myself. It cost me a bit extra, but I just didn’t think I would be able to live with myself if I suspected that it was my own cack-handedness that had damaged the internal components. You see, my fellow gamer, Wheeb (who has collaborated on an article or two in the past), built his PC to exactly the same specs as mine, using the same components, including the GTX 670 GPU, and he had the same problem. So it turns out that it was not his cack-handedness that damaged his GPU, nor was it the fault of the person who built my PC. Rather it was the fault of a shite, fragile batch of GPUs being sent out from the factory.

I know there was the issue of the X-Box red ring of death. But the differences here were that the X-Box didn’t cost over a grand, it was a lot more portable than a PC and could be exchanged that much more easily, and – most importantly – when you got the Red Ring, you knew it was a hardware problem and didn’t have to spend your whole weekend troubleshooting and ruling out every one of the roughly 3,000 hardware and software issues that could have been the cause.

(sigh) Get me my whisky. it's gonna be a long night...

Fortunately I bought my PC from a great company, with excellent customer service who were able to get a replacement card to me within a few days. Wheeb however, bought his components from a bunch of bounders and rogues, and took 6 weeks to get refunded on his defective card. Wow.

So after all that, maybe you can understand how I, a former console devotee, might struggle with PC gaming, especially at first. But, at the end of the day, even when as I compose this diarrhetic litany of complaints against the very machine I am composing upon, I ask myself: ‘Is it worth it?’

I look at my games. I look at Starcraft 2, the whole Total War franchise, Arma and DayZ, Sins of a Solar Empire. I look at what I have still to play – Diablo 3, X-Com.

My answer: Absolutely.


Dave has a Twitter: @Mad_Mack_fmv.

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40 Responses to “Mad Mack: 4 Terrible Things About PC Gaming”
  1. Haery says:

    The article was a good read but the hard drive space can be solved, there is many articles on how to install Steam games manually to another hard drive, alternatively, in the Beta there is an option for that. I have an SSD too, my friend. Thank goodness you got a TB slave drive!
    The GPU problem… my heart is saddened by your tale, and this is perhaps the most horrific thing there is. But I’m glad you at least thought to compare it to dodgy 360s.

    Good luck to the future, the future of elitist gaming. You’re in safe hands.

    • dox says:

      The 360s issue wasn’t the chipset itself it was weak solder points that popped when they mother board flexed due to heat. Yes design flaw. IBM told ms to leave cooling to them but ms made the mistake of going their own route. It was an expensive mistake but they fixed it and I’m sure they will never make such a mistake again. I bet the next Xbox is being torture tested as we speak and its not going out the door till its damn ready.

      My issue with PC gaming is price and comfort. To stay current and enjoy games as developers intended you need a new graphics card every year and you need a top end one. Also I like sitting on my couch with a controller and relaxing. Yea you can do that on PC too sometimes but its a lot more work

      • john says:

        I bet the next xbox will be flawed like the last. That’s the bill gates way!! Clearly you do not own a gaming pc. I bought a GTX560ti last year when it came out and I still max out every game. And all the ones coming out I can still max out. I also can plug my tower into my tv and a controller and ta da I have saints row 3 for example running in better graphics. And a word of advice from someone who works as a IT get a PS3.

        • jewdicator says:

          FYI Bill Gates doesn’t work at Microsoft anymore. If anything, blame Steve Ballmer.

          Gates’ greatest fuckup was Windows Me.

        • Loggie says:

          I find it funny you say you work in “IT”.. There is absolutely fuck all technical about IT.

      • ChuckLez says:

        “To stay current and enjoy games as developers intended you need a new graphics card every year and you need a top end one.”

        I think you have been out of the loop for a couple years. Games now a days hit a limit. A card that is 3 generations old (ala, my Nvidia 260) is still running strong. These cards also have been getting alot cheaper. A card that was even top end 2 generations ago (going for about $200) would hold ya for awhile still today.

        As a PC Gamer, I can at least walk away from this article, knowing that when I recommend PC Gaming, to make sure the caveat is that it’s not dummy proof. Hate researching options? You only want a PC for playing video games? Don’t know where to start with maintaining a PC? Then stay with consoles.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey buddy sounds like you got a case of the little bitch. Let me prescribe you a dose of man the fuck up.

  3. TwiggiePantz says:

    LOLz !!
    When it comes to PC gaming, the question you always have to ask is how much do you want it. Unfortunately, due to the numerous components, this story is one of hundreds that hit the Net on a daily basis, though once you get used to your rig, it becomes part of your gaming life and even better, fixing it always yields a new experience.

    With all that being said, PC gaming still holds the best experience in general when it comes to games… smooth hi def frame rates, tweak/hack files & components and you are playing a gaming pad on a rig whos benchmarks are still higher that the new next gen consoles that are coming up when its in an idle state.

    Why i dislike PC gaming? well when it doesnt have games like sony’s system does, with so many rare new experiences being hosted on sony’s hardware, its hard to not want to own a console.

  4. RAGE says:

    Hacking is the worst part. I can put up with everything else but the f**king cheaters on PC gaming just ruins the whole experience and makes me want to go back to my PS3 if it means I can find a clean game with out having to hunt for one. -.-

    • Crank says:

      Hacking or other sorts of annoyance are on the rising too for consoles. Check youtube for “griefing”, seems like a problem for every platform.

  5. dox says:

    You think you will be playing PC games at their high settings for a few years on the same rig? You’re insane! 6 months tops and you will need to upgrade that gpu if you want PC games to run at their high settings at 1080p with AA turned on. Even forgetting anti aliasing you will struggling 6 months from now.

    • Eddie says:

      I have been running the same rig for over 2 years and no upgrades, I can still play any game out there at full maxed out settings with nice FPS, no problem. If you get a rig with just enough balls to run the latest game, then ya, you will need to upgrade soon. If your going to go PC gaming, do it right. You may say, ya but you spent a crap load of cash, My PC cost me under 2 grand, I game on it, work on it, Video edit with top of the line software that cost more than my pc, Created and Render CGI , Photoshop often with the latest software and pc runs it like a champ and snappy as hell with a SSD. It is also my media center, It is my Television and my juke box so for 2 grand thats a bargain.

  6. Elite High-Brow says:

    For your Steam game-storage problems, try: or

  7. Draxx says:

    Seriously QQ

    Give me your computer you’re to dumb to be a PC gamer go back to your console crying.

  8. Alazam says:

    Dumbest article I have ever read in my entire life. You sir are a shining example of the complete lack of knowledge and the vast majority of the population has, especially when it comes to technology. The “problems” you listed are not problems at all, except maybe the hacking part. Even that is not nearly as prevalent in games run by real companies like Blizzard than most people believe it to be. You said you purchased your pc from a great company right? That means you bought a manufactured PC. That means you have a piece of shit that is not made for gaming unless you dropped 5 grand on an Alienware or something. Either way, manufactured computers are garbage and I know this because I am a computer technician and salesman and sell them to retards every day at work. Next, if you are getting error messages that quickly from games then A: your computer sucks balls, B: the game you are trying to play sucks balls, C: all of the above. My guess is C. Last, but not least, are you kidding me on the space issue? Any moron should know that games made now require tons more space than they used to. SSDs are made for running the operating system and a few essential programs. Games should be installed on the secondary much larger HDD. Steam can be installed there idiot (like on my machine that also has a 120 gig SSD. For any person that knows even the tiniest amount about computers would not have any of these problems…

    • datamike says:

      also if you opt-in to the beta on the steam client (which will be a reg feature soon) you can pick where your games install. so if you wanted a particular game just on the SSD, you can do that easily. google is a helluva tool.

  9. TSB says:

    the prob is very clear and simple .. you are a big noob .. done

  10. Eddie says:

    Other than the hacking you experienced, which I have found in console MP games many times over, all your issues seem to be THE USER. I Have been gaming for years and have not had any of the issues you are complaining about. Other than needing a driver once or twice, which was quickly downloaded and installed faster than you can get an XBOX update. As for the space issue, how is that a fault of PC gaming? Upgrade your shit, more quality takes up more space. I do not think you are ready to be a PC gamer. Leave that to us that know how to work a PC. Don’t feel bad. That’s why they have consoles. Some people are Big boy bikers and some are scooter riders, its all good.

  11. lol says:

    This article.. just.. WOW. Please sell your PC and stick to consoles. Some people shouldn’t be allowed near a computer. Did you write your article on 360 or PS3? Oh right right, forgot that PC’s do a lot more than just gaming, the reason why they require so much work (you know, driver updates and all).

    Stick to consoles. Or iPad.. whatever makes you feel less derp.

  12. Bystander says:

    Sometimes, the easiest route when doing PC gaming is to do a lot of planning before you act. I think its best for new PC games that come from the console demographics to pick builds which have been tried and tested. PC gaming literally takes time and effort to set up, but in the end becomes a highly exciting experience.

    • Mad_Mack says:

      I could not agree more with you. As a complete PC novice, I was expecting to rock and roll as easily as if I had just bought a new console. So the problem really was my expectations, and the effort is definitely worth the struggle. PC gaming is like a whole new world for me.

  13. UV74 says:

    The only real issue I see in the entire article that is in some way related to real life is drivers. And that is as easy as downloading and installing. It baffles me that people can deal with the XBOX live community in general, monthly fees for it etc. and rage so hard on something like this. The time you spent writing this would have been better used on a site like reading a little and asking questions.Also, avoiding hackers in BF3 and most other games is as easy as playing on decently moderated servers.

  14. Bitches love to eat my feces says:

    Awesome article, I actually laughed out loud several times!

  15. Dirk says:

    You get out of what you put into something. If you hate something so much you will never have any love for it no matter how hard you try. I gave up PC gaming because I couldn’t stand having to deal with the very issues or worry about whether my hardware would be up to snuff 6 months later. PC Gaming can be very rewarding, but part of that means you have to figure out how to make it all work.

  16. learnhowtouseacomputerfirst says:

    Those are only problems if you are computer illiterate.

  17. usrev2 says:

    -PC hardware issues
    -mouse and keyboard dominance
    -price of PC+parts

    all of these suck in pretty much that order.
    inb4 fanboys claim mouse and keyboard is best even though its so easy a 4year old can headshot.

  18. Jono says:

    – 2,470,000 for “broken CPU”, “Red Ring of death” = 32,500,000 (there are millions more PCs than Xbox’s, so 2.47m is not a lot of results).
    – Cheaters? Yes they do suck, thats why the best games are those with private servers where admins can monitor the server all day and remove those who are cheating. PS3 style servers for PC dont work, DID YOU HEAR ME – ACTIVISION.
    -HD space, well no one forced you to download the game. I still buy all the big games on Disc, so yea that can be less of a problem (depending on what game). You do not have to have every single game you own installed at once.
    -Errors well that just sucks 4 you. I game on a laptop, 0 problems

  19. Jorg says:

    I agree with some of your points, and disagree with others, but I think the main thing to keep in mind was, that this article was more for entertainment purposes than anything else. I wish the PC ppl above would realize that. I am also a PC person, but lighten up

  20. datamike says:

    If you wanted help to learn how to PC game, why didn’t you just ask first before posting this horrible article. The pc gamers are shaking their head at you because like most have said, this is only mostly a user issue.

    hacking is prevalent on consoles too.

    If you want help, by all means ask someone. although, I suppose writing an article bashing PC gaming is a way to get help too, albeit the wrong way.

    also about hackers, be wary on servers you join, a lot of admins of the said servers actually just have admin control and enjoy griefing, which means its not even hacks, its just admins using admin commands. i used to grief the shit out of people on CS 1.6 when i ran a server because i could.

    I hope you clear up your problems and get to enjoy pc gaming, it is very rewarding once you get it under control.

  21. MooMan says:

    The screenshot with errors are either made by you, or you got viruses. And you seem to be another idiot who thought “Let’s buy a PC with the newest and fastest stuff!”

    Seriously, an SSD for installing games on it ? That (max) 30 seconds of loading time takes away so much from your life! It’s like you grow into and old man with grey hair.

    Why would steam take away 50GB for one game ? Do your fucking research, and you would know that there is a Winsxs folder that grows in windows.

    Another stupid rich guy who calls himself a “PC Gamer” because he has the most expensive hardware….

  22. Yoshi says:

    Plays one game, says that everyone hacks.
    Says that Windows occupies 30GB (Either you are stupid or u don’t know how to handle a dick). Windows XP is like 7-10GB AT MAX.
    Drivers are no problem with today software that automatically looks for new drivers.
    My GPU throughout 11 years of PC gaming experience NEVER got overheated, destroyed or other shit of that. I know what to do to not let it overheat or break.

    – You are a consolololol kiddo that knows shit about PC’s in general.
    End of topic

  23. WaterMelnKidd says:

    I just have to say that you’re an idiot – you’re the reason that PC gamers don’t want console gamers to start playing the games we love. You’re so wrong about everything on here and to anyone that knows anything at all about computer gaming you’d appear to have an IQ level under 50.

    DayZ is not a game. DayZ is a mod for ArmA 2: Combined Operations. Hacking is barely there and would be removed completely by the time the game is actually finished. You say you can forgive it for glitches etc. because it’s between alpha and beta (which it’s actually not, you console gamers just love to say ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ because it sounds so ‘computer-language’ to you) but you can’t forgive the fact that people can spawn shit into the game? Blame ArmA 2, not DayZ.

    The second part, about the missing drivers, is so fucking stupid I can’t comprehend how the fuck you even got into playing a single game on PC, ever. You need drivers to run any game. You need drivers to use native resolution. You need drivers for every fucking part of the PC. It takes literally 15 minutes to download and install every single driver you’re ever going to need, ever, on your system. You didn’t say what components you have but normally you’d slap the motherboard disc in to get the USB / LAN drivers installed, get online and grab the newest nVidia graphics drivers for your Windows setup and that’s about it. Install fucking 15 minutes worth of drivers and never have a fucking problem ever again.

    “Where did all the space go?” Well fuck me you’re a retarded little cunt aren’t you. You bought a 120GB SSD because it’s fast, yet you installed ALL of your games and Steam installation on there? What the fuck do you expect? If you thought that movies take up more drive space than modern games you’re fucking stupid. ArmA is NOT 50GB at all, not even close. It’s actually 16GB in total for ArmA 2: Combined Operations.

    Holy fuck how did you land a job working on a computer when you don’t even know how to use Google. Google is not a fucking mind reader or computer technician. This is basically the conversation between you and Google:

    “dude my gpu is damaged”
    “Oh okay, well what exactly is wrong with it?”
    “idk just gpu damage”
    “Is your problem hardware or software related?”
    “dude idk gpu just fuckd”
    “I can’t really help you unless you give me some sort of idea what has happened to it. What’s your symptoms?”
    “dude ffs idk just fuckd it wnt fukin work !!”

    That’s literally what you appear to be thinking, you think that Googling “gpu damaged” is going to fix all of your problems and then you get fucking mad when it doesn’t.

    Bottom line is you’re a fucking idiot for paying to get a PC built for you without knowing anything about them. You should have spent just two hours researching every component since there’s only CPU, GPU, RAM, Motherboard, PSU, HDD, Case and DVD Drive. Just learn what’s on the market currently and what’s good – don’t just look at price and think “fuck me that quattro 4000 is good” cause some expensive shit isn’t good for everyone’s needs. You probably got a fucking HD 5450 and 32GB of RAM, you’re literally that fucking stupid.

    • Mad_Mack says:

      You sir, are a prime example of what is wrong with the PC gaming community.

      I can forgive its glitches because it is in its alpha/beta version In case you do not know what that means, here is the wikipedia entry:

      Now, as for you missing the point so far that the point is a dot on the horizon to you, I could perhaps forgive if you did not take the time to write such a long winded rant. Firstly, I was not blaming DayZ specifically, but rather was using it to highlight a common problem in PC gaming. Also, I am not going to ‘blame Arma’ because Arma is a game, not a sentient being, and is incapable of addressing the fundamental flaws in its design that allow for such rampant cheating.

      On Drivers
      If it only took me 15minutes to download and install ‘every single driver’ I will ever need, ever, on my system, then how come I have to download updates to them every so often? Hmmmm? Are you running the very first drivers ever on your machine? No, because you have to update them. It is an ongoing and never ending process. Please do try to get your facts right before passing comment.

      You dont have conversations with Google. It is a search engine, not a person. Oh, and I would advise you to stay away from A few minutes with that and you will probably have exploded in incandescent rage.

      My GPU was part of a defective batch of GTX 670 graphics cards that was sent out. You would have to be a fucking wizard to fix it.

      Finally, my PC was a well researched, custom build. I just did not want to faf around building it myself. I speced it out to my requirements – my only mistake was overestimating what I would do with an SSD.

    • Mad_Mack says:

      Also, seriously, look at yourself. Try not to take everything you read on the internet so seriously. Your blood pressure will thank you.

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