Silver Screams: Inbred

Silver Screams continues with Leon Nicholson taking a look at Inbred, starring Jo Hartley, Seamus O’Neill and directed by Alex Chandon.

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The tagline for this movie reads: – They came in peace. They left in pieces. Never did a film ring so true. Alex Chandon returns to the director’s chair with his first feature film in 14 years with this British comedy horror.

Four young people from the concrete jungle of Milton Keynes are taken on a residential to the isolated, insular village of Mortlake in Yorkshire. The leaders in charge Kate (Jo Hartley) and Jeff (James Doherty) see it as a chance to team build, away from the many roundabouts that they are used to, but the young people just see this as another chance to doss around. Things begin to go pear shaped after visiting The Dirty Hole, the only pub in the village, when one of the teenagers Sam (Nadine Rose Mulkerrin) is harassed by one of the villagers. From there on in, led by pub landlord Jim, things turn into a Merlot-soaked nightmare for Kate, Jeff and the rest of the group.

Similar in style to The Cottage combined with elements of Deliverance and The League of Gentlemen, Inbred uses common stereotypes to garner cheap laughs. Will Yorkshire folk who live in small remote villages find the whole concept funny or offensive? While we may not know the answer, Inbred is clearly distasteful but oh so entertaining.
The performances are decent with Jo Hartley (This is England, Crying With Laughter), James Doherty (In The Loop) and the rest of the cast doing well. Also a fantastic cameo from Dominic Brunt (Emmerdale) only adds to the humour and uniqueness of Inbred. The best performance however belongs to the excellent Seamus O’Neill (Dead Man’s Shoes) as Jim whose comical, yet sinister characterisation brings an added and much needed extra dimension to the movie.

Alex Chandon directs with some gusto with his strengths clearly lying in the inventive graphic and disturbing ways of slaughtering the unfortunate characters and the dark, witty humour that goes along along with it. The gory horror scenes are executed very well; dismembered bodies, skulls being crushed, people blown to smithereens, throat slices and a murder involving a human example of Foie gras. What is lacking in Inbred are plot and character development – but it probably does not matter as the movie is mainly about blood, guts, gore and humour.

Inbred is one of those movies that will not to be everyone’s taste. As mentioned earlier, it’s violent, distasteful, unpleasant and disgusting, so if you love those factors then this will be right up your street. But what do you expect from a movie called Inbred?!

FMV Rating ***½

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  1. Mag OLag says:

    ” inventive graphic and disturbing ways of slaughtering the unfortunate characters”

    Could not be more true. What the hillbillies did to that second guy for their ‘show’ was really f*cked up.

  2. hognoxious says:

    You made me miss!

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