Opinion: Five Fantastic-Looking Horror Games Coming Next Year

Who says horror gaming is dead? Resident Evil may have woefully shed its fear factor, but there are plenty of terrifying-looking experiences lined-up for 2013. With Halloween having brought a whole raft of trailers and teasers, FMV checks out five forthcoming experiences that horror fanatics should be sure to keep an eye on.



Casting you as a journalist investigating an abandoned insane asylum, this first-person thriller from former Ubisoft and Naughty Dog staff may not have the most original of plot set-ups – but its frenetic chase sequences are another thing altogether.

An atmospheric stealth experience where you have to run away and hide from enemies, the game niftily draws inspiration from the Assassin’s Creed and Prince Of Persia titles its devs used to work on. Namely, there’s panic-inducing parkour chases where you have to flee from foes by darting under and over obstacles.

Check out the new trailer here for a taste of terror to come:



An intriguing sci-fi horror which aims to put vulnerability at the heart of the experience, Routine is an indie creation with a delightfully retro ’80s take on the future.

You’ll investigate a stricken space station, collecting floppy discs and avoiding randomised hazards along the way. And should you fall foul of something nasty, the price will be severe – as developers Lunar Software intend to make ‘permadeath’ a very central part of their immersive, HUD-free experience.



Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this past year, you’ll certainly have heard about – and quite probably played – free online horror gem Slender. And now a deliriously-creepy Half-Life 2 mod named Faceless is aiming to take the unsettling legend of deadly phantom Slender Man to a whole new level.

A four-player co-op experience that sees players explore a range of environments to collect a number of creepy child-esque dolls, the game stays true to its roots and – in common with other recent Amnesia-inspired chillers – there is no way to fight back or defend yourself.


Metro: Last Light

Perhaps one of the most-underrated games of the past few years, Metro 2033 was a phenomenally engrossing roller-coaster ride of stealth, action and fear, alternating between tense journeys through abandoned subway tunnels and intense shoot-outs with bloodthirsty mutants; in a post-apocalyptic Moscow brimming with desolation and fear.

If anything, this highly-anticipated sequel looks even more atmospheric and engaging. Just check out this impressive mix of edge-of-the-seat suspense and full-on action:


Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

This is the big one. Frictional Games’ original creation Amnesia: The Dark Descent is now considered to be something of a modern classic, with its petrifying blend of eerie environments, sadistic hide-and-seek mechanics and deeply disturbing imagery proving almost overwhelmingly powerful. For many fans, it’s one of the greatest horror games ever made.

For the follow-up Frictional have collaborated with Dear Esther developers Thechineseroom. The results look stunning and, as you might expect, abjectly terrifying.

Watch the new trailer below. Just watch it.

Take in the contrasting mixture of dark, industrial environments and decadent, opulent surroundings. Soak up the mind-bendingly sinister porcine growls, grunts and squeals that permeate the soundtrack. Imagine playing it on your own, in the dark, with your headphones on and the volume cranked up.

It’s going to be one hell of a ride…


Are you looking forward to these games? And are there any other upcoming horror releases that you feel should have been included? Feel free to leave your comments below…


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