Black Ops II Dev Responds Poorly To Disgruntled YouTuber – Reddit Downvotes Dev To Oblivion

Popular YouTuber Nick Bunyun was left pretty angry when he posted a video highlighting the infuriating use of hacking in Black Ops 2 – and promptly received a strike on his account in response, with the video removed following an Activision complaint.

But when Treyarch dev David Vonderhaar attempted to respond to Bunyun’s grievance in an AMA session on Reddit, gamers were far from impressed with his reply.

Bunyun’s question, which is currently the top-rated comment on the thread, read as follows:

“I found a hacker, posted a video of the hacker aimbotting in a public server. You guys took down the video and gave me a strike on my account. 24k+ subs yt account. There have been alot over 500 tweets towards you guys in the past hours, yet no response. Thoughts?”

Vonderhaar’s answer, which seemed hurried and poorly written, failed to satisfy Reddit readers.

“If (sic) can be impossible for the people who are watching this know the difference between people trying to get YouTube famous from hacking videos, and those intending to help,” he wrote. “It’s a pretty thing (sic) line.”

Vonderhaar’s comment is rated a staggeringly low -612 on the popular website at the time of writing, making it one of Reddit’s most downvoted comments of all time – and not far behind this guy.



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