Game News: Tomb Raider Fans Unhappy Over Reboot Revelations

It’s been recently revealed in an online developer-Q&A that the Tomb Raider reboot will feature no swimming sections whatsoever, while iconic heroine Lara Croft will ‘benefit’ from a regenerating  health system. And it’s fair to say that many fans of the series are not happy with these design decisions.

A number of sprawling comments threads have opened up across the web, with plenty of gamers having their say over these new revelations – and some suggesting that these changes fly in the face of both the series’ traditional elements, and Crystal Dynamics’ own stated objectives for the reboot itself.

“Removing swimming is an absurdly stupid move,” wrote one disgruntled contributor on a Game FAQs thread. “It’s Tomb Raider. You don’t take out swimming. And you’re on an island of all places and the developers themselves have stated survival is the main premise. Why take out swimming if you have that in mind? It’s pure laziness.”

Another fan on a NeoGaf thread remarked: “Swimming was one of the core aspects of Tomb Raider in the classics. Taking it away is like taking the puzzles away from Zelda games. And regen health? Is there anything left from Uncharted they haven’t yet copied?”

The new game in the famous franchise – which aims to establish a more gritty, survivalist approach to the series – has received mixed previews so far, although many have praised its open-world setting and ambitious approach to storytelling.

The title is set for release in March next year.

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  1. KingOfArcadia says:

    Swimming. The idiots are complaining about a lack of swimming. So, if the devs don’t want us wasting our time swimming laps around the island when they haven’t actually made anything to be swimming to / for, that’s somehow a terrible disgrace? Suck it up kiddies. If you get takeout, do you bitch when you don’t get the ketchup packets even though you didn’t order fries? Wait I think I know the answer…

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