BioWare Director: “I’ve Never Been At A Company With This Level Of Fan Engagement”

BioWare has been extremely keen to court fan opinion of late, with the developer asking Dragon Age enthusiasts what they would like to see in the upcoming third installment – and executive producer Casey Hudson taking to Twitter to ask fans for their thoughts on the next Mass Effect game.

Many believe this has been directly prompted by the ferocious backlash over Mass Effect 3’s controversial ending. But a senior member of BioWare’s development team claims that the company has always worked hard to reach out to its fanbase.

In an interview with FMV earlier today, Director of Art and Animation Neil Thompson said: “BioWare has always been keen to engage and listen to what the fans have to say, and I don’t think that has changed as a result of recent events.

“I’ve never been at a company that has such a level of engagement in fact; our community team is very active at shows and exhibitions in evangelising the fanbase as a huge extended BioWare family.”

Thompson was speaking to this website following his appearance at Bradford Animation Festival, where he revealed the first screenshot from Dragon Age III and spoke about his illustrious career in games thus far.

An industry veteran renowned for his work on titles such as the WipEout games at Psygnosis/Sony Liverpool and Blur at Bizarre Creations, Thompson described working on the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises as “massively daunting”, but praised the “wonderful attitude” and “creatively motivating environment” at BioWare.

Our full interview with Neil Thompson, discussing his life in games, the closure of Sony Liverpool and his ambitions for the future direction of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, can be read here.

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  1. LibJumper says:

    I wouldn’t call torches and pitchforks fan engagement. There is an incredible amount of fanfic and fan-art, but that’s to mostly creating endings or scenarios that EAware took away. It’s filling a hole, not making a tribute.

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