Review: Mad Catz Tritton Kunai Headset

With the Wii U recently unleashed into the gaming market, Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the very first headset available for the console.

The Wii U just arrived in stores – and for those who need a good headset for their online multiplayer gaming, Mad Catz offers up its Tritton Kunai headset. Even though it is the first headset for the Wii U, the Kunai really sets the standard by offering an awful lot for not a lot of money.

Pulling the Kunai headset out of its package reveals a sleek-looking pair of headphones. I received the white pair, but the Kunai also comes in black and red. The shiny plastic looks great and it even has the signature Tritton double-T emblem embossed on the outside of the ear pieces. The headset itself looks small, but even when extended to its longest setting it could still fit my fairly large head with room to spare. Padded earcups sit on the ears very well and won’t muffle sounds. Overall this is one of the most comfortable and well-designed headsets I have ever used.

The Kunai’s 40mm Neodymium drivers offer some of the cleanest sound I have ever heard from a gaming headset, and at times I could barely hear any outside noise. A detachable mic comes with the box and plugs into the left earcup, locking in with a turn of the mic. I will admit I am a newbie when it comes to gaming headsets, and when I first saw this detachable mic I didn’t think my voice would come through clearly. Well, I was wrong: the Kunai’s mic works wonderfully – and online teammates were able to hear me crystal clear.

I tested the Kunai’s abilities on two games: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for the Wii U, and Heroes of Ruin on the 3DS (yes, it works for Nintendo’s portable system as well). With Heroes of Ruin I had to coordinate with a friend to play online, since the community for that game has dwindled. With Black Ops 2 a little less than half the players had a mic, but those that did I could hear well, and vice versa. A volume control as well as a mute button are included on the headset’s cord, which is pretty much standard for all gaming headsets.

Outside of its uses for online gaming it is a good pair of headphones to use for your home theater system as well, and portable mp3 player. Music and movies sound excellent and it’s now taken the top spot for my go-to headphones. The Tritton Kunai headset retails for $50, and is priced perfectly for what you are getting here. In fact, the only bad thing I could say about it is that its packaging is a little convoluted, and took me longer than it should have done to open up. Besides that minor complaint, can I give nothing but high praise for the Kunai headset – and I hope Mad Catz will make further, more enhanced versions of it for the Wii U down the line.

FMV Magazine: ****1/2


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  1. Ruben says:

    i’m gaming with a Tritton kunai headset for PS3 (Red).. and my mic doesn’t work for some reason.. i don’t know what’s wrong, i hope you can help me..

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