Opinion: Four Reasons To Be Excited About Gaming In 2013

With January just a few weeks away and a whole load of compelling developments, groundbreaking ideas and great new games right around the corner, Mark Butler presents four reasons why 2013 looks set to be a truly stellar year.

Look, I can be a cynical tosser at times. This time last year I was expressing my pessimistic view that 2012 looked to be a rather uninspiring forthcoming twelve months for gaming. And while there have been many terrific experiences to savour along the way, my thoughts on the matter didn’t turn out to be entirely wrong.

However, as we now look ahead to next year I couldn’t be more positive about what lies in store. Indeed, it’s fair to say that 2013 looks as though it could be an absolutely seminal chapter in gaming history.

Why? Well, just think about reasons like…


The Next-Gen Gets Underway

Yes, it’s here. After eight action-packed years of what has been a freakishly long gaming generation, a whole new array of consoles are set to usher in a bright new age.

With the Wii U already available and the new Xbox and PlayStation expected to land at the back-end of 2013, we can look forward to tasty technical innovations, jaw-dropping graphical advances and a more widespread embracing of digital distribution and online communities. Hopefully.

And with Valve set to roll-out their own game-changing console, it looks like the next 12 months could really bring some fascinating developments in this regard.

That said, one of the most fundamental appeals of any Next-Gen arrival is that it inevitably cues the onslaught of an entire new wave of fresh gaming experiences. Which brings us neatly onto…


Tasty New IPs

Let’s face it. There’s nothing quite like a great, groundbreaking original – and 2013 looks to have plenty of them.

While the past few years have been decidedly short on innovative new ideas and fresh game series, next year sees the arrival of technological action-adventure Watch Dogs, dystopian sci-fi epic Remember Me, gritty post-apocalyptic saga The Last Of Us and intriguing paranormal story Beyond: Two Souls, among others.

With the likes of Ubisoft, Capcom, Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream all focused on creating distinctive and interesting new experiences, you can be sure that next year will have more than its fair share of memorable originals.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some returning favourites too…


Stellar Sequels

Honestly, the roll-call of awesome-looking new entries in famous series looks truly spectacular in 2013.

There’s the much-delayed but still potentially jaw-dropping BioShock Infinite; a welcome follow-up to an excellent action-horror title in the form of Metro: Last Light; while Rayman Legends, Crysis 3 and Total War: Rome II seem set to delight fans of platformers, first-person shooters and strategy titles respectively.

That’s before we even get on to the daddy of them all, Grand Theft Auto V, which has already attracted a level of hype so huge that the mere mention of the thing is enough to send online forums everywhere into a frenzy of anticipation.

Top of my personal wish-list? Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. The original was one of the greatest psychological-horror games ever made, and I simply cannot wait for this sinister sequel to provide some nail-biting scares next year. Speaking of which…


Survival-Horror Is Back!

Yep, that’s right. While Resident Evil and Dead Space may be dead set on selling-out their horror origins for all-out action, a whole new wave of terrifying-looking titles are coming your way in 2013. And as we’ve recently discussed, they look nothing short of incredible.

There’s intense chase sequences amid the exploration of an abandoned asylum in Outlast; death lurking around every corner in sinister sci-fi chiller Routine; while Slender Man makes a most unwelcome return to the fore in Faceless.

Oh, and if you’re after something a little more light-hearted but still hair-raising, the PlayStation Move-led experience Until Dawn looks like gaming’s answer to The Cabin In The Woods: clever, funny, engrossing, and packed full of thrills and spills.


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  1. TrevorGTA says:

    GTA5 is turning out to be the most hyped title in the series’ history and I for one can’t wait!

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