Game News: Daily Mail Misuses Warren Spector “Ultraviolence” Quote To Attack Games

In infuriating but sadly predictable fashion, certain media outlets are blaming video games for the horrific Sandy Hook shooting – as we discussed yesterday.

But now notorious UK tabloid The Daily Mail is going one step further by suggesting that various gaming industry heavyweights are themselves worried about the effects of violent games – highlighting comments veteran developer Warren Spector made following this year’s E3.

In a typically scare-mongering piece entitled: ‘Should Call Of Duty be banned? Sandy Hook massacre reignites debate over violent games that arm players with automatic weapons’ (even though they don’t actually do anything of the sort, of course), the Mail repeats quotes that Epic Mickey chief Spector made to back in June, when he criticised the graphic content of some new games and said “the ultraviolence has to stop – and we have to stop loving it”.

However, the Mail conveniently edits out one of the respected designer’s most important remarks, where he clearly stated “I just don’t believe in the effects argument at all”. Somewhat ironically, Spector appears to be more concerned about gaming being seen in the wrong light by papers exactly like the Mail.

The tabloid’s piece also goes on to reference concerns by such noted experts as Donald Trump – and once again links Call Of Duty to the widely-publicised murders by Anders Breivik in Norway and Mohammed Merah in France.


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