Opinion: Six Things We Want In Dishonored 2

Dishonored was undoubtedly one of the finest games of 2012. And with a sequel most definitely in the offing, it’s hard not to imagine some of the cool additions and advances that could be made in the next installment. We speculate on six things that could make Dishonored 2 even better than its predecessor…

Expertly blending stealth, action and exploration, and armed with one of the most intriguing and atmospheric settings in recent memory, Dishonored proved to be both one of last year’s best games and one of the greatest new IPs of this console generation – garnering a rave review from our writer Dan Jenko upon its release in October.

But even with an original experience as strong as that, there’s still some room for improvement. And with a fully-fledged franchise now very much on the cards, it’s tempting to think about things that could be introduced to broaden the horizons of Dishonored 2. Things like…


More ingenious tools of death

If you chose to take the bloodthirsty approach in your compelling quest for revenge, the first game gave you some very tasty toys to play with: from exploding bullets to summoning swarms of rats to devour your foes.

Even so, however, it felt like there was a somewhat limited range of offensive implements and tactics at your disposal at times. In the sequel, therefore, it would be great to have a wider selection of death-dealing devices. How about a steampunk sniper rifle for long-range kills? Or a wider variety of traps and hostile spells? Taking a further cue from BioShock, magic could be opened-up considerably to accommodate a whole host of elemental, environmental and generally nasty attacks.



More ingenious tools of stealth

As rewarding as getting through a level without setting off alarms or killing any guards made you feel, taking the generally non-lethal, ‘high road’ in Dishonored could sometimes be a little tiresome as you became all-too used to the tactics afforded by choke-holds, sleep darts, possession and general avoidance. It seems clear that more possibilities for evasion and ‘humane’ take-downs should be in order next time out.

You could have stun grenades to render multiple targets unconscious, the ability to lace guards’ drink/food with sleeping drugs, a spell to become invisible for a short-space of time, and clockwork spybots to fly off and scout locations for you (which could be turned into a kamikaze spybots, if you actually wanted to do some killing).


More ways to eliminate key targets

One of the cool things about the first game was the way in which you could get rid of assassination targets without actually murdering them – working out a way to deliver a sort of ‘poetic justice’ punishment instead. Unfortunately, there was only one ‘non-lethal’ possibility for each target, and you feel this idea could easily be extended in the next outing to encompass a much wider range of possible approaches.

For example, a corrupt official could be exposed through a stolen recording, framed through the planting of incriminating evidence, blackmailed with some dark secret, or removed by a more morally-agreeable underling. Every target could have multiple ‘weaknesses’ that can only be exploited through in-depth exploration, eavesdropping and puzzle-solving – adding another dimension to the whole non-lethal element, rather than simply throwing in a single alternative solution.



Non-Urban locations – and other cities

Make no mistake: Dunwall’s moody plague-ridden alleyways, grubby industrial factories and lavish decadent palaces were all part of Dishonored’s distinctive atmosphere. But it would be cool to have missions outside of the city in the second installment.

Rural settings could take in a sprawling country residence complete with gigantic garden maze and assorted outbuildings; a busy mill-town surrounded by wheat fields and lakes; or a secret hideout located in the middle of a forest. You could also have a sea mission where you stowaway on and infiltrate a giant ship – and perhaps this voyage could take you to other cities of the Empire, each with their own individual flavour.


A proper sandbox approach

One of the best things about Dishonored was the somewhat open aspect of most levels, which allowed you to explore whole sections of the city, navigate an impressive range of routes to your objectives, and occasionally stumble upon interesting side-quests and goings-on.

It would be terrific to see this fully embraced in the sequel: with more randomised events unfolding in the streets, a greater number of side objectives in each environment (each opening up distinctive rewards and sub-plots), and larger maps to negotiate. You could also have a much bigger ‘hub’ area between missions, with plenty of characters to converse with and possibilities to open up.



Skill trees and perks

The ‘Bone Charms’ system was probably one of the few weaknesses of Dishonored, as it was quite an abstract, inflexible and arbitrary way of affording bonuses – giving the player access to enhanced stats and skills based purely on their talent for locating loot, with the nature of these enhancements determined simply by the Bone Charms you happened to find.

Instead of this, it would be much better to give players access to new abilities and skills based on their progress in certain aspects of the game, or the completion of certain challenges or objectives. Effectiveness at killing could open up augments to offensive capabilities; aquatic and athletic achievements could boost swimming and stamina; and success in stealth could grant bonuses to your means of remaining undetected. Alternatively, general skill points gained in this way could be allocated to branching skill trees as the player sees fit.

Either way, players could gradually mould themselves into ultimate killing machines, ghost-like ninjas, and anything else inbetween.



7 Responses to “Opinion: Six Things We Want In Dishonored 2”
  1. dakan45 says:

    More weapons, seriously more freakign weapons, more abilities or skill trees. Better dialogues, god my freakign ears are bleeding and then people bash bethesda. Wider levels for diffirent pathways.

  2. jamie_86 says:

    top class game, goty contender, bbbbuuuuuuttt……what dishonored 2 needs is:

    1) Skill Tree – to allow players to customise their character more to their own style of play, and allow a more unique and personal feel to the game, as well as satisfying the people who prefer a more classic rpg style of gaming.

    2) Full open world map with fast travelling. + 3) More missions

    Having played bethesda games for years, having been spoilt by the general vastness of some of the worlds created (skyrim, and fallout, anyone?!?),and the countless side missions that are so well grafted into them, it would be great to see the next dishonored game really push the boat with a really diverse map, and rather than just a linear gameplay thread to play through with a few so called “side objectives” create a game with more replayability, and allow players to move to a degree away from the main storyline.

    4) A better “stealth” mode, and a stealth meter.

    Dishonored is built with the ideas that you can “ghost” through the game, and be non confrontational if you want. Well the basics are right, but you still sometimes get seen for no reason at all on dishonored, and it is sometimes hard to see an enemies alertness, which is 1) annoying, and 2) disappointing when you consider how much emphasis is put on this element of the game. Did anyone ever play Tenchu?!? Seriously, that game in its various reincarnations had plenty of issues, but what it DID have, was a very clear stealth meter, which showed clearly whether or not someone was aware of your presence, wary, alarmed/searching or had seen you and identified you as an enemy. It also showed how close you were to a target, and had a noise meter. All very useful.
    Come on guys, if they can do it you can do it, make it happen.

    5)Customisable weaponry and items.
    Fellas, really? One of the deadliest men in an imaginary world is released from prison, and all that someone of that aptitude can find to help defeat an army of foes and right terrible wrongs is……. a pistol, a crossbow, grenades, a giant butter-knife and some glorifed bear traps?!?!? Enough said. I am not asking for something in the Axe of Doom/BFG/Daedric Battleaxe catagory here. To be frank the term “inventory” on the menu ought to in fact be replaced by “pockets”- seeing as the police empty more items out of the pockets of the average shoplifter, than it appears our character is capable of carrying………

    6) Amp up the gore.

    I do love the stealth kills on Dishonored, but they are all a bit samey after a while, and truth be told, they arent a exactly a Mortal Kombat fatality or a Tenchu stealth kill, so it would be great if the gore factor could be turned up a liitle bit, minor gripe though.

  3. Dave says:

    A better story, no more silent protagonist, a better stealth system.

  4. iso perri says:

    I enjoyed playing Dishonored immensely. I loved how they set the story in a Victorian Steam punk setting. It was unique and marvelous. I would only acquire a sequel if it set in the same time frame, changing that would ruin the integrity of the game.

    Based off of my general expectations from Skyrim and Fallout, I know that Dishonored is capable of expanding the areas that can be traveled upon. I also believe that Stealth needs more pride in this game- the Stealth players need a vast variety of ways to silence an enemy outside of hiding behind a guard and choking him to unconsciousness.

    In the game, I never tried taking control over a human body, so I do not know if it is possible, if it is not, I believe it is a brilliant idea. It would be amazing if one could control a guard to bypass security change the course of a meeting or gain unlikely allies through faulty opinions not of the possessed character.

    I also come to believe that air blimps would be entertaining to hijack..

  5. Johnny57709 says:

    I loved dishonered. I would really enjoy it more if the sequel would include more attacks on unaware victims such as an option to break their necks or maybe use some of those wire things to choke them out faster. I would also like it if their were alot more missions and you can have a free roam option and like break into homes. I’d also like it if you could get arrested and break out or serve time. Another thing I’d like is if we could pick up weapons like a thugs wrench or machete. I hope they could include all of this!

  6. unkown says:

    Even thow i agree staff like more missons and more wapeons are a rally good idea but staff like an open world and going to other citys is a bad idae simpilly beacuase its a lot of work and they will spend more time making the map big then working on the garpics (after all this is not the eleder scrolls or fallout and i think that we should let them do what thy think is right) thy have not let us down yet and i think we should give them more space

  7. Ken says:

    How about this…once you find a map…you can keep it for future reference? That’d be huge! 😉

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