February & March’s Gaming Line-Up Is An Epic Embarrassment Of Riches

Looking over the release schedule for the next two months, it’s hard not to be blown away by the sheer wealth of eagerly-anticipated titles about to land. Packed-full of high-profile blockbusters and new entries in some of the biggest series around, it’s set to be one of the most eventful 60-day chapters in gaming history.

Fancy some adrenaline-pumping action-horror? Say hello to Aliens: Colonial Marines, Metro: Last Light and Dead Space 3.

Colourful platforming more your bag? Check out Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time and Rayman Legends.

Into strategy titles on the PC instead? Then make some serious time for Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm and the new SimCity.

That’s just skimming the surface of course. Indeed, it’s hard to think of a two-month period that has seen more hotly-tipped releases crammed into such a narrow release window.

There’s a pair of epic, exclusive prequels in the shape of God Of War: Ascension and Gears Of War: Judgement; an intriguing and exciting spin-off for one of gaming’s biggest series in the form of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance; and, hot on the heels of DmC, another controversial yet compelling major franchise reboot with the new Tomb Raider, which sees a young Lara Croft fight for survival in a gritty, open-world experience.

As for fully-fledged sequels, we’ve got Crysis 3, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and the potentially mind-blowing BioShock Infinite to look forward to; while the aforementioned Metro: Last Light and Rayman Legends could be potential GOTY contenders if they’re even half as good as their phenomenal predecessors.

Encouragingly for South Park fans meanwhile, it looks as though Obsidian’s RPG ‘The Stick Of Truth’ may actually be the first video game to truly do Parker and Stone’s delightfully satirical series and characters justice.

Of course, the downside of having so many exciting games to look forward to in such a short space of time is that it creates a genuine dilemma for all us gamers and our wallets. So what will you be playing over the next couple of months, and why? Let us know in the comments section below…


Spoilt For Choice: The Hottest Games Coming In February/March:

BioShock Infinite – PS3, PC, Xbox360

Aliens: Colonial Marines – PS3, PC, Xbox360

Crysis 3 – PS3, PC, Xbox360

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time – PS3

Metro: Last Light – PS3, PC, Xbox360

StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm – PC

Rayman Legends – WiiU

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 3DS

Tomb Raider – PS3, PC, Xbox360

God Of War: Ascension – PS3

South Park: The Stick Of Truth – PS3, PC, Xbox360

Lego City: Undercover – WiiU

Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – PS3, Xbox360

Dead Space 3 – PS3, PC, Xbox360

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – PS3, Xbox360

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus – PS Vita

SimCity – PC

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – PS3, PC, Xbox360

Gears Of War: Judgement – Xbox360


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  1. Dan Jenko says:

    There are a lot of sequels that don’t appear to be doing anything different (Crysis, Army of Two, Gears etc) that I probably won’t be bothered with, but I’ll definitely be playing Tomb Raider, the new Bioshock, Metro and Sly Cooper.

    It’s a shame that the new Rayman game is Wii U exclusive because I’d love to play it after Origins was so excellent.

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