Asylum Aims To Be “One Of The Scariest Games Ever Made”

Scratches creator Agustin Cordes has big plans for his forthcoming point-and-click horror Asylum, with a new promotional video offering intriguing insight into a game that has been four years in the making.

“It’s a horror-adventure that aims to become one of the scariest games ever made,” says Cordes. “Sounds ambitious? I know.”

Argentinian developer Senscape originally released a preview trailer way back in 2010, promising an extremely atmospheric experience as your character – a former patient at the Hanwell Mental Institute – returns to uncover its mysteries.

“There’s a reason why Asylum is taking years to build,” explains Cordes. “The asylum itself is an extremely detailed environment, painstakingly-modeled. We went to extreme lengths to make it feel genuine and accurate.”

With nearly 100 rooms to explore and 15 hours of gameplay estimated, it sounds like a considerable undertaking. Cordes adds that the detail of the game’s building “would still be an empty shell without a great story”, but promises that they’ve “got that covered too – prepare to be blown away by complex, multi-layered plot.”

The new video has been released to help raise funds to expedite completion of the project, with Senscape asking for $100,666 via Kickstarter. At the time of writing, they’re almost a fifth of the way to their target with 28 days still remaining.

Asylum is scheduled for release in December on PC and Mac. You can download an interactive teaser here.


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