Dead Space 3 – Early Reviews Hail Sci-Fi Sequel As “Amazing Roller-Coaster Ride”

The first few reviews are in for Isaac Clarke’s highly-anticipated return, and initial verdicts are highly positive for the action-horror blockbuster.

Dead Space 3, which releases today in the US and elsewhere later in the week, has been the subject of copious controversy due to the introduction of micro-transactions and fan fears that it has completely abandoned its horror roots.

But early verdicts on the game have been glowing.

AusGamers say it delivers “a monstrous amount of satisfaction”, while praising the addition of weapon crafting and co-op and saluting the sequel’s “incredibly deep and expanding story”.

Meanwhile, 3D Juegos praised the title has “an amazing roller-coaster ride”, adding: “Is it less scary? Maybe, but the game has tons of sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” have also attempt to allay fan concerns by saying that “Dead Space 3 turns out to be another chapter true to the spirit of the series – co-op play isn’t intrusive and the traditional survival horror structure is safe.”

That said, early reviews for Resident Evil 6 were also extremely positive before the main body of criticism landed – and it’s also worth noting that all three of the sites quoted above score games considerably higher on average than other publications, according to Metacritic.


Following the lifting of a general embargo, verdicts are now in from Eurogamer, Edge and OXM among others – with all three of those outlets awarding the game a good-but-not-great score of 7 out of 10.

Meanwhile, IGN praise Dead Space 3’s “superb combat…addictive new collection and upgrade system…and crackling production design”, but heavily criticise the title’s story and the ‘errand-running’ nature of its gameplay experience.

As it stands, the sequel now looks set to attain a slightly less glowing critical reception than its two predecessors. The game is currently sitting at an average score of 79 on Metacritic – significantly lower than that of Dead Space 1 and 2.


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