Game Review: Germinator

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on Creat Studios’ colourful puzzler, coming to PS3 and Vita via the PlayStation Network.

‘Match 3’ games are a dime-a -dozen these days, but you see most of them on Facebook, iOS and Android platforms – and it’s high-time that the PS3 got some of that tri-colored puzzle love.

Sure, PSN has Bejeweled and Zuma, but those are iterations that have been around for years, and puzzle fans want something new. Enter Creat Studios, the developers behind PSN hit Magic Orb and other successful puzzle titles, who have listened to the fans and unleashed Germinator on the PSN store.

It’s an inspired game too. Make no mistake: when you boot up Germinator and start that very first level, you will bear witness to the freshest take on the genre yet – with the kind of gross humor that has not been seen since the Genesis era.

Beginning the story mode you are introduced to a home that has been infested with bad germs, and it’s up to you – the Germinator – to rid each room of the infestation. Aiding you in this ordeal is a cast of multi-colored germ bubbles that bring their own unique abilities to each stage.

Some of these, when met with others of their kind, will simply take out germs that are nearby; while others have the ability to clear the screen. Germs will explode and cover the screen in gross and grimy ways, and it’s enough to make players of any age smile. An increasing amount of bad germs rise from the bottom of the screen, and once they reach the top it’s game over.

Believe me, you will see that screen a lot. But although the difficulty is high, it’s never to the point of frustration; more a case of: ‘I have to try that again, a different way’.  

Germinator looks great for what it is. Who doesn’t like seeing brightly colored germs expand until their eyes bug out and eventually pop? And when I began playing I was instantly transported back to the early 90’s thanks to the game’s music, which is a fun throwback to the days of yesteryear. I just wish there was more of it, as there were maybe two or three tracks on a loop.

There are over 200 levels in Germinator, which considering the asking price of £9.99 is well worth the cost – if for nothing else than to sit back and laugh at the goofy level names and designs.

Local multiplayer pits you against a friend to see who can clear a stage the fastest, and is a lot of fun. Germinator also supports the Playstation Move accessory – but I found it to be to reactive and wound up overshooting more often than not.

At the time of review Germinator was only available to play on the PS3, but there is a Vita version coming sometime soon and I hope to get some hands-on time with that. For now though, Germinator stands as one of the most unique and humourous puzzle games I have played – and you too will find yourself sinking into your chair as the hours go by with this new PSN gem.


FMV Rating: ****


Germinator is available now on the European PSN Store, and is coming to the North American PSN Store from March 5th.


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  1. One Feustrated \dude says:

    ThatSOS level is a major pain in the ass.
    and it’s only in the second area where the game takes a major step up in difficulty
    Loved the game till I came to that level. just can’t beat it!

    so essentially 9 dollars for a hand full of enjoyable levels and then it becomes impossable!

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