Renaissance Heroes: Welcome To First-Person Shooting In The 16th Century

If you’re after an online shooter with a bit of a difference, then a newly-released multiplayer FPS by the name of Renaissance Heroes should be right up your street.

Renaissance Heroes

The colourful, lightening-paced free-to-play combat game just might be the first 16th century shooter ever. Adopting a distinctive Renaissance-era backdrop (hence the name), players step into the shoes of one of seven distinctive, customizable characters, and then unleash hell with a variety of cool steampunk weapons – which look like they’ve come fresh out of a fantasy Leonardo Da Vinci workshop.

Boasting maps that take in everything from Venetian palaces to moody graveyards, and an approach and aesthetic that adds real innovation to the classic arena-shooter genre, the game invites you to run-and-gun Renaissance-style.

For further info and to start playing for free now, just follow this link.



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