Opinion: Five Things Sony Will Reveal About The PlayStation 4 At E3

There were some intriguing revelations at Sony’s announcement event for the PlayStation 4 – but plenty of key details have yet to be unveiled. Considering all that remains unsaid about the next-gen console, Jacques Voller posits five major things that will likely be made public at this summer’s E3 expo.

PS4 reveal

Last Wednesday Sony announced one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming, the PlayStation 4, at a press conference in New York. But while they did show off some impressive software and announced a few surprising specifications such as the 8GB of DDR5 RAM, there were some major pieces of information that were missing from the conference – which will now likely be unveiled at this year’s E3.

So, what exactly can we expect to find out then? Well, it’s a safe bet that we’ll get to see…


The actual console 

Perhaps the most surprising thing that Sony left out of the press announcement was the console itself. After the dust and excitement had settled, many people were left wondering why they had solely chosen to reveal the Dualshock 4 gamepad (this being the only piece of hardware shown).

The console itself will likely be the first thing that they reveal at this year’s E3, not least because its absence was the most complained-about omission after the conference ended. But will there be multiple versions like there was with the PS3 and Xbox 360, or only one version?



The next priority will be the launch price – not just for the console, but for the cloud service that Sony will be implementing to stream old titles as well.

When it comes to the console itself, there have been suggestions that it will hit the market for the £300 mark, but going by previous launches – and considering the technology in the console itself – it will most likely be around £350-£400.

Then there’s the cloud streaming service itself. Will it be a subscription-based service, or are we going to see a plan where you pay for each individual title? Going by other such services, I’d suggest we are going to see a subscription system.


Dualshock 4


Release date

As with all these events, the final release date has been vague. Sony announced at the end of the conference that the PS4 will be released during ‘Holiday 2013’ – but they didn’t go into any greater detail.

Of course, while the ‘Holiday’ release window may apply to Japan or America, it doesn’t apply to Europe, which has always been the last region on any release schedule. With the launch of the PS3, for example, those of us in the UK had to wait until March the following year before we got our hands on it.


Launch titles

While Sony did show-off some impressive titles coming to the PS4 at some point in its first year, they didn’t reveal which of these would be available for the console at launch.

Since then, Guerilla Games have said that their latest entry in the Killzone series will be a launch title, but other such revelations have been conspicuous by their absence.

It’s also fair to say that certain developers you would expect to be present at the announcement weren’t there. Most surprising was the exclusion of Naughty Dog, who wowed audiences with the first Uncharted game at PS3’s launch.

And if Warner Bros’ statement that the next installment of the Arkham franchise will be released this year is accurate, the fact that Rocksteady weren’t there was a little strange.


Killzone 4


Further specification details

This is a big one. The main thing that people want to know about the PS4 is whether it will have 4K gaming which, considering the details they’ve already revealed about the console, seems highly likely.

The next thing will be the size of the internal hard drive, and whether or not you’ll be able to replace it with regular internal hard drives that you can buy for any PC – or if it will be specifically designed like the ones for the Xbox. There’s also the question about whether a smaller hard drive will be installed in favour of cloud storage.

In terms of the Blu Ray drive, Eurogamer has speculated that there’ll only be a dual-layer drive and not quad-layer as some have suggested.

Finally, Sony have yet to reveal the full array of inputs that will be included on the system. While they have revealed that the PS4 will include a USB 3.0 input, we don’t know how many will be available. Seeing as Sony are planning on supporting the Vita a lot more with the PS4, it would make sense if Sony were planning on including an input for the Vita memory cards, in order to transfer saves and downloaded games, as well as other inputs that were originally included on the 60GB PS3.


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