Red Ring Brigade Radio Podcast: Episode 27

The latest Red Ring Brigade Radio podcast is now online, with all the latest film and video game news and reviews.

One of the greatest animated films of all time returned to U.S. theaters this week with the release of The Lion King 3D. Jonathan and Brent share their thoughts on what the 3D added to the film and if the movie still holds up after all these  years (*hint*: it still does).  From there it goes downhill as the subject of the Lion King brings up a discussion about how dirty that movie can be at times, hence this  episode’s name is, ahem, ‘Nala’s F*ck Me Eyes’.

As for video games, Steve has a hands-on look at the Gears of War 3 single player and shares his thoughts on Delta team’s newest adventure. Quick looks at Burnout Crash and Resident Evil 4 on PSN round off this week’s show.

We also have a new weekly segement entitled Who Would Win In A Fight, and this week’s is any Jason Statham character vs. Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

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