Gaming News: 82% Of People Are Gamers, Says New Survey

The UK is a nation of video game fanatics according to new research, with nearly 33 million people playing iPad, Android, PlayStation and Xbox games, and an astonishing 82 per cent of eight to 65 year-olds identifying themselves as gamers.

The report by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB), entitled ‘Gaming Britain: A Nation United by Digital Play’, reveals that non-players are now something of a minority. 

The study of 4,000 people shows that gaming’s appeal transcends age, gender and social groups, with 33 per cent of 45 to 65 year olds and 49 per cent of women identifying themselves as game players.

The findings demolish the hackneyed image of the solitary male teenager as the stereotypical game player and the report reveals profiles of seven typical types of player profile. The profiles are: Networkers; Individualists; Interactors; Gaming Elite; Casual Players; PC Opportunists and New Gen Players. Each profile takes into account factors such as preferred devices, types of games played, levels of engagement, and social interaction during game play.

Gaming has also become increasingly social. Console gaming on devices such as Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move is identified as a family entertainment activity, while 81 per cent of console players polled said they have played with friends or family in person. Healthy competition is deemed a big driver to interaction, as more players compete against each other both in person and online.

Newer devices such as iPads have played a big part in attracting new players, but that doesn’t discount the appeal of more traditional platforms such as PCs. Tablet and mobile games, such as Angry Birds, are more widespread among younger audiences owing to the devices’ usage by that demographic. Similarly, PC games are popular with older generations as some 60% of adults use PCs for gaming compared with 40% of youngsters surveyed.

The Main findings from the research are as follows:

·         32.9 million people across the UK are regular game players

  • 82% of the eight to 65 year old online population are defined as game players: 51% male to 49% female
  • 25 to 45 year olds are identified as having the most number of players (44%) compared with 45 to 65 year olds (33%) and 16 to 24 year olds (23%) with the least amount.
  • 70% of 16 to 65 years old game players frequently use a gaming device, 72% play socially – on and offline
  • 49% of all respondents play puzzles and quiz games – the most popular type of game
  • 30% of respondents favour social networking games – the second most popular type of game
  • 84% of eight to 15 year old game players play frequently, 96% play socially
  • 81% of games console players have played with friends or family in person
  • 54% of social networking players have played with friends or family online or over a network
  • 41% of internet browser game players have played with unknown people online or across a network
  • 41% of console owners browse the internet on their devices compared with 20% of handheld console users
  • 39% of console owners watch TV on their devices compared with 13% of handheld console users
  • 35% of console owners use their devices for social networking compared with 18% of handheld console users
  • 31% of game players said it was impossible to do anything else while gaming– compared with 14% for browsing the internet, 10% watching TV and 2% listening to the radio (filtered to players who use these media).
  • 63% of game players disagreed with the statement “Gaming is only for young people”

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