Opinion: Five ‘WTF’ Moments In Skyrim

Millions of gamers have already been thrilled, captivated and astonished through exploring the magnificent world of Skyrim – and it’s fair to say that there are plenty of ingenious surprises to uncover and stumble upon. Whether shocking, amusing or downright jaw-dropping, here are some of the best ‘WTF’ moments the epic RPG has to offer…

(Warning: This article contains spoilers)

Hungry Like The Wolf

When you first meet brave swords-for-hire The Companions (who, in naming terms, were clearly distraught when they realised that ‘Super Best Friends’ was already taken), they seem like a hardy, upstanding, dependable bunch. As such you eagerly get stuck into some missions for them, and soon find yourself on a quest to retrieve an artifact with your new best buddy, Farkas. After entering the necessary dungeon and exploring for a bit, you inadvertently trigger a mechanism that traps you in a small chamber, and can only watch through steadfast iron bars as Farkas is surrounded on all sides by a group of well-armed, deadly adversaries. It seems your companions’s days are numbered – or are they? As you look on with a mixture of horror and exhiliration, Farkas suddenly transforms into a huge, vicious werewolf and proceeds to rip his enemies limb from limb, scattering their bloody bodies like ragdolls around the room. Wow. Seems like there’s more to The Companions than meets the eye…


The Baby Bloodsucker

As in Oblivion, some of the game’s most sinister and intriguing characters are to be found within the shadowy folds of ultra-secretive assassin’s guild The Dark Brotherhood. However, nothing quite prepares you for the unexpected sight that greets you upon first entering their sanctuary: a small girl entertaining an assembled crowd of killers with her latest grisly tale of murder and mutilation. This is disturbing in and of itself, but engage her in conversation afterward and it soon becomes apparent she’s actually a ruthless vampire – a cunning, ancient and malevolent mind who has been housed in the perennially-innocent appearance of a young child for more than 300 years. Creepy isn’t the word.



Wandering the landscape of Skyrim can be nothing short of mesmerizing at times, and the first occasion that you catch a glimpse of these lumbering behemoths sticks long in the memory. Just seeing the remarkably tall, bearded creatures ambling along the wide, open plains would be incredible enough – but the fact they are also often seen herding equally colossal woolly mammoths as though they were simply sheep to them, or even pets, is nothing short of tremendous.



Sky-High With A Goddess

Bethesda have created a beautiful world in Skyrim, complete with rolling hills, towering mountains and vast woodlands. It’s just a shame there’s no way to enjoy a proper birds-eye view of the masterful landscape. Right? Wrong. After discovering the Daedric Shrine to Meridia, and pleasing the deity by bringing back a ‘beacon’ that she asks you to locate, you find yourself rendered speechless when the powerful being suddenly elevates you high up into the clouds for a little chat – the whole, remarkable nation visible far below you as you gaze out flabbergasted into the distance. Welcome to Skyrim Airlines, people.


In The Mouth Of Madness

For a much less beautiful but no less enjoyable time with a Daedric entity, you’ll find yourself utterly perplexed but really quite entertained when a wittering lunatic requests that you bring back his master from ‘vacation’. Following the quest marker sends you to an abandoned, cobweb-infested wing of Solitude’s Blue Palace, wherein you are unexpectedly dragged into an utterly surreal dreamworld by Sheogorath – the Irish-accented and totally unpredictable Prince of Madness. Discovering that you’re trapped inside the warped mind of insane ex-ruler Pelagius, and presented with a bizarre magic staff called the Wabberjack, you must figure out how to negotiate a number of strange and nonsensical scenes. Your reward for completing this craziness? You get to keep the Wabberjack. Oh, and Pelagius’s hip-bone too, of course…


What have been your favourite weird and wonderful moments from Skyrim so far? Please add your own suggestions below…




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