Gaming News: “Nintendo DS Saved Me From Stroke” Says Grandmother

When a devastating stroke left Linda Learmouth partially paralyzed five years ago she could only manage a few slurred words, but the gaming grandmother claims that playing on the Nintendo DS helped her find her voice again.

The 48-year-old from Grimsby in the UK has experienced an incredible recovery, and she puts it all down to countless hours spent with self-help puzzle games such as Brain Training and Nintendogs And Cats.

“The Nintendo DS gave me my life back,” Linda told the Yorkshire Post last week.  “It helped me to talk again because some of my games I have to interact with in order for them to work. I have to give instructions verbally and if I don’t say things correctly it doesn’t understand.

“My next door neighbour recently had a stroke and I told him about the console and how much it helped me – he’s got one for himself now and he’s driving again.”

The DS was a 25th wedding anniversary gift from her husband.

“It’s the best present I’ve ever got her,” he said.



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