Gaming News: Dead Island Devs Announce New Game

Polish developer Techland have announced a brand new title, and while it’s once again set on a dangerous tropical paradise, it may not be what everyone was expecting…

The new game is a downloadable ATV-racer named Mad Riders. And the game’s reveal trailer, which has just been unveiled by Ubisoft, provides a glimpse of something similiar to Motorstorm and Pure, complete with the tag line: “Paradise is your playground”.

Mad Riders will feature 45 tracks – a hefty amount of content for a downloadable title – along with customizable vehicles and an array of tricks. It is scheduled for release on Xbox Live, PSN, and the PC.

The game seems like a partial follow up to 2010’s racer Nail’d, which was also made by Techland. As for what to expect in terms of quality, it’s fair to say that Techland’s recent releases have been something of a mixed bag. Western FPS Call Of Juarez: The Cartel was slammed by critics as a disastrous return to the franchise, whereas Dead Island’s reviews were quite positive, despite the game’s clear lack of polish.


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