Gaming News: Medal of Honor Reboot Gets A Sequel

EA have unveiled plans for a sequel to 2010’s hit military shooter Medal Of Honor, due out this coming October.

The game, which will be titled Medal of Honor: Warfighter, will once again be developed by Danger Close and will run on the Frostbite 2.0 engine, which was used with last year’s Battlefield 3. 

The game was originally teased in Battlefield 3’s instruction booklet, but only now have details emerged about the game and its release date. The game will once again put the player in vital Tier 1 Operations. However, this time round the multiplayer mode will not be developed by DICE, who are probably busy supporting the online portion of Battlefield and releasing new DLC.

We can expect more details on the game in the coming months, but for now we’ll have to make our own assumptions on what the military shooter may include.


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