Gaming News: Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” Confirmed

Following huge controversy over Mass Effect 3’s ending, a high-profile campaign calling for it to be changed and weeks of speculation on the matter – BioWare have announced that a free “Extended Cut” DLC will be released this summer.

Providing additional cinematic cut-scenes and extended epilogues to the original ending, executive producer Casey Hudson claims it will “provide fans who want more closure with even more context and clarity to the ending of the game, in a way that will feel more personalized for each player.”

Key complaints around Mass Effect 3’s ending included a distinct lack of variety in the outcome regardless of player decisions, and a lack of closure regarding the consequences of final events for key characters and races. It appears the DLC will attempt to directly address these concerns.

However, with BioWare boss Ray Muzyka also saying that the Extended Cut has “struck a good balance in delivering the answers players are looking for, while maintaining the team’s artistic vision for the end of this story arc in the Mass Effect universe,” it seems that the events of the ending as a whole will be maintained. This pretty much confirms that the ‘indoctrination theory’ argued by some fans has been wishful thinking all along.

Nonetheless, the fact that the DLC will be available on Xbox360, PS3 and PC at no extra charge should be seen as an enormous gesture of goodwill from BioWare, and a sign that they have taken fan feedback seriously. Of course, exactly how satisfying or otherwise the additional cinematics will prove to be, remains to be seen.


2 Responses to “Gaming News: Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” Confirmed”
  1. Armin Wolff says:

    Reading the last paragraph I have to ask one thing:
    Have you listended to *anything* any politician on the planet has been saying during the last, say, 20 years or so?

    Because I have, and knowing this, I can’t find any “gesture of goodwill” or any sign of actually taking feedback seriously in that press release. Both of these would require one completely indispensible first step from BioWare: Admitting error on their part (any in fact)

    Nothing of the like. They don’t even care to *mention* 90% of the things that have been brought up and went wrong.

    It’s the old politician damage control/PR talk: “We’re still totally convined that what we did was great, we just have to *explain* it better.” (Nad, actually, this can pretty much be translated into “we know better and our customers/voters are just too dumb to get it”)

    There’s nothing else there. They HAD to do *something* because the whole affair is hurting their business in a bad way (just look at the amazon or metacritic user scores!), but they are still in 100% denial of the facts.

    “Clarification” can not fix a fundamentally broken ending, and hollow PR talk can not satisfy an alienated customer base.

    • Mark Butler says:

      They’re developing and giving away a free DLC. In response to fan outcry.

      Speaking as someone who personally felt hugely disappointed by the ending (you can read my opinion on the subject elsewhere on this site), even if the gesture is ultimately motivated by self-interest and doesn’t address every single one of the issues with Mass Effect 3’s climax, I still have to express a certain degree of admiration for the way the Extended Cut is being handled. They could have charged for it, or completely ignored their fans and not released it at all. Would that have been preferable?

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