Game News: New Gears Of War Title Revealed

Game Informer have revealed that a new Gears of War title, named ‘Gears of War: Judgement’, will be shown off by Microsoft at E3.

Although this fresh installment in the famous series will not be developed by Epic Games, the franchise will in a sense stay within the company, as Judgement will be developed by Epic-owned studio ‘People Can Fly’, the folks behind 2011’s commercial failure but cult hit Bulletstorm, as well as 2004’s cult-classic Painkiller.

The cover art reveals that series regulars Damon Baird and Augustus Cole will feature in this fourth entry in the popular third-person shooter franchise.

Game Informer will have an exclusive preview of the latest Gears of War title, but the game will also be formally announced and shown off at the E3 conference on the 4th of June. Stay tuned to FMV for all the latest updates on the conference as and when they come in.


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