Game News: Dishonored Offers “Non-Lethal Alternative” For Every Assassination Quest

Just hours after Deus Ex developer Warren Spector spoke out against the prevalence of ‘ultraviolence’ in today’s gaming landscape, the makers of forthcoming supernatural-action title Dishonored have revealed that every single assassination quest in their game can be completed through non-lethal means.

Backing up their claims that the FPS thriller will offer a near-unparalleled level of player choice, key staff at Arkane Studios have offered more detail to substantiate their intriguing suggestion that you can play through the game without killing a single enemy.

“The none-lethal stuff is not the focus of the game, but we definitely wanted to make sure we were supporting that avenue of player-choice,” explained Lead Technical Designer Ricardo Bare.

“Players can be super-sneaky guys who don’t kill anyone. And as a bonus layer for quests, with every single person you get sent to kill there’s a way to get rid of them forever without killing them.

“We thought it would be cool if you could do a bit of extra digging in a level to find some extra information, and discover a ‘poetic justice’ way to get rid of the guy.”

Level Designer Rich Wilson added that the player acquires a variety of skills that enable them to use brains rather than brawn to succeed.

“You have a lot of abilities like ‘possession’, ‘blink’ and ‘bend time’ which can get you out of situations really fast,” he said. “There are many opportunities to evade rather than destroy.”

More details on the development of Dishonored can be heard in the latest Bethesda podcast. The game is scheduled for release on PC, Xbox360 and PS3 in October.




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