Movie News: Is Zoe Saldana about to take over the world?

This summer, vengeance is beautiful-  the tagline for Colombiana – well no-one would argue with that, however, the news that Zoe Saldana is to produce and star in Dominion, is proving that she has the talent and the nouse to back up her good looks.

Dominion is a supernatural thriller that Paramount are said to be backing. Not much is known about the movie, apart from the fact that Saldana will play a woman who is half-angel, half-human.

This will be preceded by another Saldana film, The Words with Olivia Wilde (Cowboys & Aliens) and Bradley Cooper (Limitless) where the latter plays an author who has to pay the consequences for stealing someone else’s work. Naughty, naughty…very naughty.

 To add to this, there is the possibility of her appearing in the rumoured Avatar and Star Trek sequels not forgetting the J. J. Abrams produced drama Infinitely Polar Bear. So Saldana is definitely keeping herself very busy!

 One thing is for sure, any role that she plays including humanoid aliens, giant blue smurf- a- like or a human hybrid angel… thingy, she will, without fail, make them beautiful.

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