Game News: Christopher Nolan’s Movies “Owe A Debt To Video Games”, Says New Yorker Magazine

As hugely-hyped superhero blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises hits cinemas, James Verini of New Yorker magazine has claimed that its acclaimed director Christopher Nolan owes much of his movies’ style and themes to the influence of video games.

Writing for his blog on the magazine’s website, Verini argues that “all of Nolan’s movies owe a debt to the speed and info glut of video games”, and that “once you start looking, examples pop up everywhere.”

“His characters find hacks, or ‘cheats’ that short-circuit the narrative (e.g. Batman’s cell-phone panopticon in The Dark Knight),” states Verini, in the New Yorker’s famously high-brow style. “They come up with ‘mods’ to bypass some obstacle or create some new effect.

“If video-gaming could be said to have an unconscious, it is the ‘kill screen’, the level that the game designer never anticipated the player would get to, where the code breaks down. Nolan’s movies are full of kill screens, most ingeniously the ‘limbo’ in Inception, a kind of pre-death purgatory of the soul where a dreamer can wander for an eternity.”

Nolan – who has in the past spoken of his interest in games – directed all three new Batman movies, as well as celebrated films such as The Prestige, Insomnia, Memento and of course Inception.

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