Game News: Dead Space 3: “Universal Ammo Will Not Be In Final Game”

The controversy surrounding Dead Space 3 and its apparent shift into a Gears Of War clone still rages – but it has emerged that one of the most criticised new changes, ‘Universal Ammo’, will apparently not be in the finished game.

In a hands-on preview over at Rock Paper Shotgun, writer Adam Smith reveals that: “The universal ammo that showed up in demonstration videos, and indeed in the early version of the game I played, is a placeholder and will not be in the final version of Dead Space 3.”

The news will come as a comfort to those who had worried that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach for ammunition would dumb-down the inventory system and take away some of the series’ palpable panic and tension.

Of course, there’s still the small matter of cover-based combat, human enemies and the all-out shooter sequences of the ice-planet left to rage over. But at least it looks as though the third outing for Isaac Clarke may not have sold out quite as much as we feared.

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