Game News: Walking Dead Accolades Trailer Released

Telltale Games have today unveiled a new accolades trailer for Episode 2 of their acclaimed Walking Dead series, featuring just some of the hefty critical praise and high review scores that their work has received.

The video, which is embedded below, also includes FMV’s own proclamation that The Walking Dead “could prove to be the finest gaming experience of 2012”.

The first two episodes of the downloadable series have been a critical and commercial smash, with the debut installment passing a million sales within two weeks of launch and copious glowing reviews being awarded.

FMV’s Jonathan Szafran called it “a deep, gritty experience that forces the player to make choices that will leave a lasting mark on your character and others,” and we recently ran an article arguing that The Walking Dead could prove to be the Game of the Year.

Episodes One and Two are available to download now for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox360, while the first installment is now out on iOS via Apple’s App Store.


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