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If you have any questions about this website, or would like more information on what the devil it is we do, please drop us an email at (video games and music) or (film).


Advertising with FMV Magazine

Now reaching thousands of unique visitors a month, FMV has established itself as one of the most exciting independent entertainment sites on the web. If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact both Mark and Leon at the above email addresses.


Writing for FMV Magazine

Whether you’ve got a single killer opinion piece for us, or would love to hop on board as a regular hired-hand, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and talented writers to contribute news, reviews or features to the site.

We cannot unfortunately pay contributors at this time, but what we can offer is your name in lights, some great cuttings for your journalistic CV and the chance to join one of the fastest-rising online magazines on the web.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please send an email with some info on your good self and a sample piece of writing to (for music and video games) or (for films).

You are of course welcome to try out for all three sections if you so desire, and we welcome approaches from anybody, anywhere. No matter what your background is, what walk of life you come from or where your passions lie, if you have a healthy interest in the kind of things we cover and can write entertainingly and intelligently, we want to hear from you!


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  1. Jiffy says:

    I just wanted to say that your video game news/reviews section is very awesome. The content in there is much different from the big sites and I wish you had more dedicated writers to it.

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