5 New Horror Games That Look Absolutely Terrifying

Only a few years ago it seemed survival-horror was on its deathbed, but now the genre is being resurrected in new and exciting ways. With numerous new chillers set to land in the coming months, FMV takes a look at five horror games that seem set to give us all sleepless nights. It’s a great time to be a horror game fan. Last year we took a look at a number of phenomenal-looking chillers set to land in 2013 – and it’s fair to say... Read More

Asylum Aims To Be “One Of The Scariest Games Ever Made”

Scratches creator Agustin Cordes has big plans for his forthcoming point-and-click horror Asylum, with a new promotional video offering intriguing insight into a game that has been four years in the making. “It’s a horror-adventure that aims to become one of the scariest games ever made,” says Cordes. “Sounds ambitious? I know.” Argentinian developer Senscape originally released a preview trailer way back in 2010, promising... Read More

Opinion: The Art Of Horror Games

Great horror games can be atmospheric, intense and downright terrifying, but Mark Butler argues that their highly-sophisticated qualities also prove that video games are a genuine and powerful artform.  In recent times, a great debate has raged among cultural commentators over whether video games can be considered art. Those who claim they can, and should, have been quick to cite the powerful storytelling and visual design of BioShock, the laugh-out-loud... Read More