Opinion: Six Things We Want In Fallout 4

With rumours on the future direction of the Fallout series continuing to sweep the web, we speculate on the fresh features and additions that could make Fallout 4 the best entry yet. It’s been an interesting time for speculation surrounding the eagerly-anticipated new entry in the acclaimed Fallout series, with recent rumours suggesting that it will be set in and around Boston, with a cyberpunk setting, and feature a whole new ‘race’... Read More

Opinion: Six Things We Want In Dishonored 2

Dishonored was undoubtedly one of the finest games of 2012. And with a sequel most definitely in the offing, it’s hard not to imagine some of the cool additions and advances that could be made in the next installment. We speculate on six things that could make Dishonored 2 even better than its predecessor… Expertly blending stealth, action and exploration, and armed with one of the most intriguing and atmospheric settings in recent memory,... Read More

Game Review: Dishonored

Dan Jenko delivers his verdict on the first-person stealth adventure, out now for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (reviewed). As the only new big-name IP among the roll call of 2012’s big winter releases, Dishonored has a kind of responsibility surrounding it. It represents the unique and innovative in an industry that puts out the same old names each year, and while on-paper ‘back-stabbing assassin’ does sound awfully familiar – Dishonored... Read More

Game News: Amazing Deals On Bethesda DLC Available Now On Xbox Live

Acclaimed add-ons for Bethesda classics Oblivion and Fallout 3 have become available at bargain bin prices on Xbox Live. From today until July 16th, the Oblivion expansion Shivering Isles is just 1200 MS Points, but even cheaper is the game’s other DLC Knights of the Nine and every single one of Fallout 3’s add-ons – The Pit, Operation Anchorage, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta – which are all available at... Read More

Game News: Dishonored Offers “Non-Lethal Alternative” For Every Assassination Quest

Just hours after Deus Ex developer Warren Spector spoke out against the prevalence of ‘ultraviolence’ in today’s gaming landscape, the makers of forthcoming supernatural-action title Dishonored have revealed that every single assassination quest in their game can be completed through non-lethal means. Backing up their claims that the FPS thriller will offer a near-unparalleled level of player choice, key staff at Arkane Studios... Read More

Game News: Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Unleashed

Showcasing gory assassinations, intense first-person combat and a compelling blend of medieval fantasy and futuristic sci-fi, the first gameplay trailer for highly-anticipated new title Dishonored has just landed. The video for the stealth-action game, which can be viewed below, features protagonist Corvo taking on soldiers, mech-like ‘tallboys’, and cowering nobles with everything from deadly crossbows to magic spells.     Set... Read More

Opinion: Elder Scrolls MMO – Does It Miss The Point Entirely?

Bethesda’s announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online has caused a stir among the series’ fanbase – but not all the reaction has been positive. Mark Butler asks whether it is misguided to create a massive multiplayer title for a franchise renowned for its gripping single-player experience. So, after months of speculation, hints and widespread fan curiosity, it’s finally official: an Elder Scrolls MMO is on its way. Slated for... Read More

Gaming News: Bethesda Announce ‘Elder Scrolls Online’

Following months of speculation surrounding the mooted Elder Scrolls MMO, Bethesda have now officially announced The Elder Scrolls Online.  The first Elder Scrolls game to allow players to explore the famous fantasy world with others, it is being developed for PC and Mac under the leadership of industry veteran Matt Firor, who has spent the last two decades working in online game development. “We have been working hard to create an online world... Read More

Opinion: Shinji Mikami – The Master Of Horror Returns

The revelation that Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is working on a new survival-horror has set gaming sites and internet forums ablaze. Mark Butler salutes Mikami’s return to the genre he pioneered – and argues it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s fair to say that the once mighty survival-horror genre has rather declined in recent years. There have been some occasional terrifying highlights, sure, but for the... Read More

Gaming News: Resident Evil Creator Working On New Survival Horror

Legendary game designer Shinji Mikami is working on a new “pure survival horror” title, it has been revealed.  Horror genius Mikami – who masterminded the original Resident Evil and the best of the iconic series that followed – is directing the project at his new company Tango Gameworks. Currently codenamed ‘Zwei’, it will be his first bona fide survival-horror since 2002’s Resident Evil Zero, with Mikami... Read More

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