Opinion: Six Things We Want In The Witcher 3

Following months of speculation, CD Projekt RED have formally announced the third installment in their acclaimed Witcher series – with some big, bold changes afoot. Already looking forward to another dark, engrossing outing for Geralt of Rivia, we put forward six things we’d like to see in the RPG epic. So, it’s official. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is heading to PC and next-gen consoles in 2014, and developer CD Projekt RED have already... Read More

Success, Ambition And The Witcher 3 – An Interview With CD Projekt RED

Polish outfit CD Projekt RED have made a significant critical and commercial impact with the first two Witcher games. With the firm now working on a new “dark fantasy” title, lead animator Tomasz Zawada spoke to Mark Butler about his views on a third Witcher title, putting fans before profits, and why you’ll often find his teammates sword-fighting outside the office. It’s mid-afternoon in an upstairs conference room at the... Read More

Witcher 2 Dev: “Game Companies Should Put Fans Before Profits”

A key member of CD Projekt RED’s development team has criticised video game firms who prioritise profits at the expense of their fanbase – arguing that this leads to games which are nothing more than “an empty shell”. “For me, the number one aim when making a game is to connect with fans,” said lead animator Tomasz Zawada, in an interview with FMV today. “When companies put profit before fans, they create... Read More