Christine Phelan: “Valve Want Our Only Concern To Be Making Great Games”

Having cut her teeth on games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Brutal Legend, top animator Christine Phelan is now fully-immersed in the development of Valve’s forthcoming online title Dota 2. In an exclusive interview, she spoke to Mark Butler about the ‘action-RTS’, her dream of tackling Half-Life 3 – and why there is no other developer quite like Valve. Few companies possess the aura of mystery and intrigue that... Read More

Valve Dev: “Calling Games Industry Sexist Is A Major Disservice To Developers”

In recent years the video games industry has been dogged by accusations that it is too male-dominated and even sexist – but top Valve animator Christine Phelan has little time for such talk. “There are a ton of dudes in the games industry, yes – it’s a bit of a pickle jar,” she said, in an interview with FMV yesterday. “I have never, however, been treated as anything but a team member and an equal by my coworkers,... Read More