Game Review: Dead Island Riptide

Mark Butler delivers his verdict on the open-world zombie brawler, out this week on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox360 (reviewed). On paper, the fledgling Dead Island series is a compelling blend of sandbox action-RPG and brutal survival-horror. It’s Far Cry meets Left 4 Dead – or a first-person Dead Rising located in more tropical climes. The reality, however, is rather less exciting than this sounds. 2011’s original installment was... Read More

Gaming News: Dead Island Devs Announce New Game

Polish developer Techland have announced a brand new title, and while it’s once again set on a dangerous tropical paradise, it may not be what everyone was expecting… The new game is a downloadable ATV-racer named Mad Riders. And the game’s reveal trailer, which has just been unveiled by Ubisoft, provides a glimpse of something similiar to Motorstorm and Pure, complete with the tag line: “Paradise is your playground”. Mad... Read More

Opinion: Bugs And Glitches – How Much Is Too Much?

With countless gamers complaining about Skyrim’s glitches, and the feeling that companies are putting ‘unfinished products’ out onto the market, Mark Butler looks at the issue of bugs in games – and to what extent we should tolerate them. While recently pondering the many bugs and glitches of Skyrim, and the extent to which they have negatively impacted on some gamers’ enjoyment of the experience, I was struck by just... Read More

Opinion: The Last Of Us – And The Trend For Post-Apocalyptic Games

Naughty Dog’s intriguing new IP is the latest in a spate of post-apocalyptic games. Mark Butler explores the reasons behind the booming sub-genre, and asks why its themes are proving so popular with developers and gamers alike. The surprise news that Uncharted developer Naughty Dog have been hard at work on a new action-adventure title – set in a bleak, desolate world overrun with bloodthirsty, mutated humans – has undoubtedly been... Read More

Mad Mack: Dead Island Review

Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey delivers his less than glowing verdict on open-world zombie thriller Dead Island, out now for PC, PS3 and Xbox360.  Every once in a while I pick up a game that, for some reason, I won’t complete.  I’ll put it down for a while and then, when I finally pick up the controller again, it just fails to conjure any level of interest in me, like I’ve picked up a toilet brush right after the world’s most monstrous... Read More

Opinion: Is The Mainstream Horror Game Dead?

The mainstream horror landscape is dominated by action-based titles such as FEAR 3 and Dead Island, the Resident Evil franchise is heading into all-out shooter mode and the survival-horror genre as a whole appears to have lost its fearsome bite. Mark Butler asks whether the mainstream horror game should be declared officially dead. Can you remember the last time you were scared by a mainstream video game? I mean, really scared? There’s no shortage... Read More

Opinion: All Hail ‘The Rad Brad’ – King Of The YouTube Walkthrough!

His name is Brad. He’s Rad. And his blind video walkthroughs of games such as Dead Space 2 and Amnesia: The Dark Descent are monstrously entertaining. Mark Butler salutes the YouTube sensation – and his rapidly expanding collection of catchphrases. It’s two in the morning on a mid-week work-night, and for the last four hours I’ve been watching a guy I don’t know wise-crack, freak out and indulge in random but hilarious... Read More