8 Greatest Horror Games Of This Generation

With new next-gen consoles landing within months and a number of exciting new fear-filled releases about to give us all sleepless nights, it seems an apt time to take a look at the greatest horror games of this generation. From gore-soaked survival thrillers to intense psychological experiences, Mark Butler picks out the finest nightmare-sims of the past eight years… Condemned: Criminal Origins This criminally under-appreciated chiller from... Read More

Opinion: Multiplayer Has Become An All-Powerful Abomination – And It’s Hurting Gaming

Are bolted-on deathmatch and widespread co-op dumbing-down great games? And are they increasingly used to justify online passes and even DRM? Single-player enthusiast Mark Butler reckons so – and argues that rampant multiplayer is a growing thorn in the side of the medium.  Ok. Deep breath. I’m going to say it. I don’t like playing games with other people. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing I love better than an engaging,... Read More

Opinion: What’s The Scariest Game Of All Time? Here’s A (Not So) Scientific Analysis…

From dusk until dawn last night, horror enthusiast Mark Butler played through some of the most terrifying games ever made in a bid to discover the true champion of fear. Following a full-throttle evening of shocks, shudders and even a full-blown psychological breakdown, he reports on the nail-biting experience, and eventual winner… I love horror games. Absolutely love ’em. So much so, in fact, that I often find myself enthusiastically... Read More

Game News: Talentless? Illiterate? But Still Want Your Own Site? Why Not Steal Articles, Like exposedgaming.com

It may claim to offer “exclusive content” and “original staff opinions”, but shameless website exposedgaming.com is generating its content by stealing whole articles from other game sites – and simply copy-pasting them onto its own pages. FMV first became aware of this when our recent Dead Space 2 retrospective turned up word-for-word on the Exposed Gaming homepage, complete with exactly the same pictures and byline. Upon... Read More

Opinion: Dead Space 2 – One Giant Leap For Sci-Fi Horror

With the official unveiling of Dead Space 3 rumoured to be just around the corner, Mark Butler looks back at the terrific second installment in the sci-fi horror series – and explains why it was such a giant leap forward for EA’s emerging franchise. Warning: Contains major spoilers for both Dead Space and Dead Space 2 Space engineer Isaac Clarke just might be the unluckiest man in the universe. In 2008 hit Dead Space he boarded a giant,... Read More

Opinion: Is The Survival-Horror Market Really “Too Small”?

With Capcom claiming that they see the survival-horror market as “too small” for the Resident Evil franchise, Mark Butler argues that there are millions of fans out there who are being continually ignored. It’s not easy being a survival-horror fan. Everywhere you look, companies who once seemed genuinely in favour of feeding your desire for spine-tingling chills and nerve-shattering atmosphere appear to be abandoning both the ‘survival’... Read More

Interview: TheRadBrad

With more than 65 million YouTube views to his name and a veritable army of fans, Bradley ‘TheRadBrad’ Colburn is fast becoming an internet celebrity with his entertaining video game walkthroughs. He spoke to Mark Butler about turning pro, getting recognised in the street – and his plans for a range of RadBrad T-Shirts. When college student Bradley Colburn uploaded a video of himself playing Modern Warfare 2 back in April 2010,... Read More

Gaming In 2011: The Hits…And The Misses

It’s been an eventful twelve months in gaming, complete with eagerly-anticipated sequels, high-profile blockbusters and the odd innovate new creation. But though there have been plenty of unforgettable highs, there have also been some memorable lows. Mark Butler celebrates the games of 2011 that hit all the right notes, and performs a post-mortem on those that flew wide of the mark. The Hits: LA Noire Regardless of the controversy surrounding... Read More

Opinion: Six Things We Need In Dead Space 3

You’d be hard-pressed to find a soul who wasn’t knocked for six by the first two nerve-shredding, Necromorph-blasting outings of unfortunate space engineer turned action hero Isaac Clarke. Various rumours have been flying around regarding the next installment’s plot and setting, but what would truly make Dead Space 3 even more successful and gripping than its predecessors? Here’s what FMV would like to see included in the franchise’s... Read More

Opinion: Is The Mainstream Horror Game Dead?

The mainstream horror landscape is dominated by action-based titles such as FEAR 3 and Dead Island, the Resident Evil franchise is heading into all-out shooter mode and the survival-horror genre as a whole appears to have lost its fearsome bite. Mark Butler asks whether the mainstream horror game should be declared officially dead. Can you remember the last time you were scared by a mainstream video game? I mean, really scared? There’s no shortage... Read More

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